Diversity and inclusion are two sides of the same coin, as without one the other cannot make a true impact. These inspiring orators teach audiences how to build a more diverse workforce, while also ensuring equal opportunities take centre stage in their corporate structure.

Diversity speakers will open audiences' eyes to the importance of inclusion, and the role everyone plays in building a more equal society. With 19% of progressive companies experiencing higher innovation, the power of diverse corporate teams can lead to staggering success

Take a look at our range of leading experts below, then contact a booking agent to hire a diversity and inclusion speaker for your event

Gareth Thomas

Celebrity of the Year at the National Diversity Awards & Voted Most Influential Gay Person in the UK

Inga Beale

First Female CEO of Lloyds of London, First Bisexual Person Named in the OUTstanding & FT Leading LGBT Executive Power List

Will Young

First Ever Winner of Pop Idol & Advocate for LGBT+ Rights

Piers Linney

Former Dragon on Dragon's Den, Named in the Top 100 BAME Leaders in Business List

Adil Ray

Co-Creator & Writer of Citizen Khan, Guest Presenter on Good Morning Britain & Presenter of Lingo

Aisha Suleiman

Founder Of The Inclusive Culture, Named In The EMpower 100 Ethnic Minority Future Leaders

Araceli Camargo

Lab Director at The Centrica Lab & Cognitive Neuroscientist

Lisa Ventura

Founder & CEO of the UK Cyber Security Association & Neurodiversity Advocate

Laila El-Metoui

Equity & Belonging Consultant, Proud London Councils Chair & Founder of Educating OUT Racism

Joze Piranian

Lifelong Stutterer Turned International Motivational, Diversity & Inclusion Speaker

Theo Smith

Neurodiversity Evangelist & Co-Author of Neurodiversity at Work