Thais Compoint

Founder of Déclic International & Recipient of the 2020 Top Global Diversity and Inclusion Leaders Award

  • Founder of Déclic International
  • Received the 2020 Top Global Diversity & Inclusion Leaders Award
  • Presented 3 TEDx Talks
  • Founded the Inclusive leadership Global Conference
  • Former associate Director of Diversity & Inclusion Europe for Coca Cola
  • Honoured with 16 Industry Awards

Entrepreneur and award-winning diversity champion, Thais Compoint is the innovative leader behind Déclic International. Dedicating her career to improving inclusion in a corporate environment, Thais held several senior roles before spearheading her own venture. Able to offer implementable strategies that not only improve diversity culture, but lead to high performing businesses, Thais’ keynote talks drive change for everyone in attendance.

Since 2016, Thais has been transforming global brands into diversity champions through her services as a consultant, speaker and trainer. Providing techniques that are bespoke to each client has allowed the businesses she works with to embrace employees from all backgrounds, from race to religion, sex to age resulting in more dynamic teams. Previous clients that have benefited from Thais’ company, Déclic International, include Pfizer, Allianz and Barclays. With such an unrivalled influence in the field, Thais received the 2020 Top Global Diversity & Inclusion Leaders Award, a testament to her contributions.

For over a decade Thais has been implementing change in the corporate sector, and backed by her experience in a professional environment, has gone on to support numerous leading businesses in enhancing their diversity policies. Starting out by rejuvenating VINCI’s inclusion strategy as the Diversity Manager, Thais later replicated her success for Coca Cola improving their female leadership stats. In 2015, Thais dedicated a year to her unconscious bias training program at Cisco.

Supported by three TEDx Talks and her work as the pioneer behind the Inclusive Leadership Global Conference, Thais is equipped as a keynote speaker to share transformational tools for diversity and inclusion with audiences at events.

Official Testimonials

Thais Compoint is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“Thais’s passion and mastery of the diversity & inclusion topic has not only provided me with the inspiration to commence my own journey of discovery but also equipped me with the tools to make this sustainable for my team.”

Richard Davies, Coca-Cola Enterprises

“Thais is a fabulous keynote speaker. It’s amazing how she engages huge audiences and delivers powerful messages in a fun way. She’s a great role model and has a unique style: she’s wonderfully feminine and yet makes such a strong and tough impression.”

Maria Canabal, Parabere Forum

“Thais made me discover the power of inclusive leadership in a very concrete way. She brings simplicity to a very complex topic. Since I started applying the principles I learned with her, my team is performing much better. As a team, we’re more engaged, more creative, more responsive to our internal customers. I see what’s in it for me, and I feel really empowered to build and manage a diverse team.”

Marc Leymonerie, Air France KLM

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