Social Mobility

Social mobility is defined as the movement of individuals, families, households or other groups of people within or between social strata in society. In simpler terms, it refers to the link between a person’s occupation or income and their parent’s occupation and income, with a weak link between the two allowing for an increased level of social mobility. First introduced by Pitirim Sorokin, a Russian sociologist and political activist, he described that there was no society completely open or completely closed.

With statistics showing that children receiving free school meals achieve 1.7 grades lower at GSCE and poorer children on average are nine months behind children from more wealthy backgrounds, social mobility is becoming increasingly important. With the UK having one of the lowest rates of social mobility in the developed world, book a social mobility speaker to discuss how you can create an environment that allows everyone to succeed despite their background.

Tim Campbell

Founder of Bright Ideas Trust, Winner of the First Series of The Apprentice & Aide to Lord Alan Sugar

Asif Sadiq

Multi Award Winning Diversity Champion, Currently WarnerMedia's (Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, CNN) Senior Vice President for Equity & Inclusion

Chris Holmes

9x Gold Winning Paralympian & Current Special Advisor on Diversity & Inclusion to the Civil Service

David Olusoga

Best Selling Author of ‘Black & British A Forgotten History, Named in the 100 Most Influential Black Britons

Stephen Frost

Founding CEO of Included, Former Head of Diversity & Inclusion for the London Organising Committee of the Olympic & Paralympic Games & Author

There are several kinds of social mobility, including horizontal, vertical, upward, downward, inter-generational and intra-generational mobility. In a world where inequality limits the most disadvantaged, it is more important than ever that social mobility is included within diversity and inclusion policies. A great way of being inclusive is by booking a social mobility speaker who brings a complex topic into perspective.