Disability Awareness Speakers

From wheelchair ramps to sign language training, there are countless ways that a business can better accommodate its disabled employees. The decisive action that leaders can take is to hire a disability awareness speaker who will empower audiences at events.

Since 2013, the number of disabled people in employment has increased by over 1.3 million, reflecting the undeniable value of a diverse workforce. Our inspiring speakers specialise in creating inclusive environments for all staff to thrive, through their toolbox of tailored guidance.

These educators supply methods for making the workplace more inclusive for disabled employees, from policy changes to the appropriate terminology.

One of the most impactful ways to recognise your disabled employees is to celebrate International Day of Disabled Persons. Every December 3rd, business leaders and organisations come together to honour the experiences and achievements made by disabled people and raise awareness for visible and invisible conditions alike.

Disability awareness speakers supply valuable guidance on catering to your employees and recognising the impact of such conditions as autism and multiple sclerosis. By building an inclusive environment, your business will have greater access to talented applicants, therefore benefitting from diverse perspectives.

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