Dr Tru Powell

CEO of the MBCC Awards, Co-Founder & CEO of the Black Business Magazine & Creative & Events Director at Aston Performing Arts Academy

  • Founder of Tru Powell Consultancy & Events Ltd
  • Non-Executive Director at TAG Network Midlands Limited
  • Non-Executive Director at Birmingham Hippodrome
  • Advisory Board Member for The Gen Z Club
  • Media Social Commentator & a Regular Guest on Good morning Britain (GMB) on ITV

When Dr Tru Powell is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Personal Branding
Thought Leadership

Dr Tru Powell stands out as a dynamic diversity and inclusion keynote speaker, leveraging his extensive experience as a multi-award-winning creative entrepreneur and publicity expert. Born into adversity in Birmingham, UK, and raised in a single-parent household alongside six siblings, Tru’s journey is one of resilience and ambition. From organising his first talent show at the tender age of eight and realising his knack for business and creativity, he has since dedicated his career to uplifting others. Tru’s passion for enterprise and creativity was not only his beacon during challenging times but also the foundation of his commitment to helping other entrepreneurs recognise the importance of visibility through press and PR.

In his impactful role as the CEO of the Multicultural Business & Community Champion Awards (MBCC Awards), Tru champions the celebration of unsung heroes and diversity within the UK. His leadership has seen the annual awards ceremony grow significantly, currently welcoming around 800 attendees, a number that continues to climb. His drive doesn’t stop there; as the CEO of Black Business Magazine, Tru focuses on supporting the Black community in the UK, offering a much-needed platform for Black entrepreneurs. This magazine serves as a vital resource, encouraging the growth and recognition of Black businesses, thereby contributing significantly to the narrative of diversity and inclusion.

Moreover, Tru’s dedication to the arts and youth empowerment is evident in his role as Creative & Events Director for Aston Performing Arts Academy. This organisation has been a transformative platform for over 3000 young people in the Midlands since 2004, emphasising the power of performing and creative arts. Tru’s various directorial roles, including his position at Kandy Girl, demonstrate his versatility and commitment to fostering creativity and confidence in younger generations. These initiatives centred around community and empowerment, reflect his deep-rooted belief in equality, justice, and the importance of representation across all societal facets. Most recently, Tru has also been selected to become a Media Social Commentator & a Regular Guest on Good morning Britain (GMB) on ITV, allowing him to share his industry expertise with audiences across the UK.

As a board member for several prestigious organisations and the recipient of numerous accolades, Dr Tru Powell is not just a successful entrepreneur but a beacon of inspiration. His awards, including Birmingham’s Young Professional of the Year and the Natwest Great British Entrepreneur Award, are testaments to his profound impact in the realms of enterprise, arts, and community. Tru’s journey, his unwavering resolve, and his advocacy for diversity and inclusion resonate deeply in his keynote speeches, inspiring a new generation of leaders to embrace diversity, strive for inclusion, and make their mark in the world.

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