Toni Horn

Founder of Think Differently Coaching, Neurodiversity Consultant & Former UK Neurodiversity Support Lead for Barclays

  • Associate Coach of Lexxic
  • Former Regional Premier Leader for Barclays
  • Former Premier Specialist Relationship Manager for Barclays
  • Former Assistant Manager and Branch Manager for Barclays

When Toni Horn is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Recognising Your Neurodiverse Talent
Understanding Neurodiverse Strengths and Differences
Adapting Coaching and Learning Styles for Neurodiverse Colleagues
Line Manager’s Equality Responsiblities

Toni Horn is a renowned neurodiversity consultant and the Founder of Think Differently Coaching. Her powerful message resonates with audiences, igniting their desire to book her as a speaker. With an unwavering passion for unlocking the potential of neurodiversity, Toni dedicates herself to empowering neurodivergent individuals to bring significant benefits to the organisations they serve. Her journey, which included a late autism diagnosis at the age of 40 and living with dyslexia, lends an authentic and relatable tone to her speeches. Toni’s personal life has further enriched her expertise as a neurodiversity consultant. As the wife of a husband with ADHD and the mother of a neurodivergent child, she possesses a unique perspective on a wide spectrum of neurodiversity. Now a sought-after Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) speaker, Toni emphasises the critical importance of harnessing the potential of neurodiverse talent.


Toni’s career trajectory includes a remarkable 17-year tenure at Barclays, where she held various roles, from Premier Banker to regional Leader. In 2018, Toni assumed the role of UK Neurodiversity Support Lead for Barclays, coaching colleagues with dyslexia and tirelessly advocating for neurodiversity awareness. Her dedication culminated in her winning the prestigious Global Inclusive Leader Award in 2021. In 2022, Toni founded Think Differently Consulting, where she serves as the Director and spearheads the company’s efforts to harness the power of neurodiversity through her cutting-edge CPD Neurodiversity Training Modules. She brings a wealth of qualifications to her work, including a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Diploma and an NCFE Certificate in Equality and Diversity; she is certified by the British Dyslexia Association.


Having impacted the lives of numerous neurodivergent individuals, Toni has delivered more than 150 neurodiversity awareness events to over 800 leaders. As a trainer, Toni equips organisations with the knowledge to recognise the strengths of neurodiversity and how neurodivergent individuals can elevate their workforce. She dispels common misconceptions and myths surrounding neurodiversity, fostering a more inclusive and understanding workplace culture.


If you are seeking an impassioned neurodiversity speaker with diversity and inclusion at the core of their message, Toni Horn is the ideal choice. Her presentations shed light on the remarkable strengths of a neurodiverse workforce, guiding organisations to identify and leverage neurodiverse talent. Toni also imparts invaluable insights on adapting learning for neurodiverse colleagues and the essential equality responsibilities of line managers. When you are in search of a corporate speaker for Neurodiversity, Toni Horn’s speeches are not to be missed.

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