Tate Smith

Legal Secretary at Gibson, Dunn, & Crutcher LLP, PinkNews Community Role Model & Named a LinkedIn Top Voice

  • Youth Worker at Gendered Intelligence
  • Attitude Magazine 101: 10 LGBTQ Trailblazers to Watch in the Future
  • Featured in prestigious publications like Legal Week, Pride Life Global, PinkNews, and Diva Magazine

When Tate Smith is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Trans Rights
Diversity & Inclusion

Tate Smith stands out as a revered LGBT advocate and a beacon of inspiration, especially within the legal sector. As a proud member of the trans community, Tate has dedicated his career to fostering societal change that benefits the LGBT community at large. Currently shining in his role as a Legal Secretary at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP, his transformational work has not only garnered respect but has also made him a LinkedIn Top Voice, marking him as a highly sought-after keynote speaker for events focusing on diversity and inclusion. His journey from starting as an intern to becoming a pivotal figure in advocating for LGBT rights showcases his unwavering commitment and passion for equality and justice, making him an ideal candidate for organisations looking to inspire and educate their audience on these critical issues.

From the inception of his career, Tate has built a solid foundation through his various roles in the legal domain. His tenure began with an internship under Kim Betts, where he acquired significant industry insights, eventually leading to a role at BDO UK LLP as an Administrative Assistant in 2017. It was here that Tate solidified his reputation, leveraging his legal expertise to impact firms like BDB Pitmans and BDO UK LLP positively. His decision to prioritise his mental and physical health by beginning his medical transition in 2019 marked a pivotal point in his career. Joining Clifford Chance, he played a crucial role in revising their trans policy and advocating for inclusive health coverage, efforts that have been widely admired and have set a precedent for corporate inclusivity policies.

Tate’s impact extends beyond his professional achievements; his commitment to community outreach and education has made him a beloved figure. His inaugural “lunch and learn” session at Clifford Chance’s London office, followed by his involvement in the Asia Pacific region, has solidified his reputation as a driven and impactful speaker. His features in prestigious publications like Legal Week, Pride Life Global, PinkNews, and Diva Magazine highlight the breadth of his influence. Additionally, his work as a Youth Worker at Gendered Intelligence exemplifies his dedication to supporting and mentoring young individuals in the LGBT community, further establishing him as a compassionate leader and an exemplary speaker who can connect with diverse audiences including notable clients like Unilever, Barclays, and The Telegraph.

Tate Smith’s journey from a legal secretary to an internationally recognised authority on diversity and inclusion is truly remarkable. His acknowledgement as a LinkedIn Top Voice in 2022 and his recognition by Attitude Magazine and PinkNews underscore his significant contributions to the LGBT community and beyond. As a speaker, Tate possesses the unique ability to blend personal experience with professional insights, making his presentations not only informative but deeply moving. His passion for enacting positive change and his dedication to advocacy work make him an indispensable voice at any event focused on fostering understanding and promoting equality across all sectors of society. Tate Smith is not just a speaker; he is a catalyst for change, inspiring individuals and organisations to embrace diversity and inclusion at every level.

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