Sophie Williams

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Expert Who Led The European Employee Walkout Protesting Transphobic Content

  • Former Global Manager of Production Planning for Netflix
  • Led the European employee walkout in protest against transphobic content
  • Founder of @OfficialMillenialBlack a popular anti-racism Instagram page
  • Intersectional Equity Consultant
  • Author of Anti-Racist Ally 2020 and Millennial Black 2021
  • TED speaker

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Anti Racist Ally
Anti Racist Ally: An Introduction To Action And Activism
Millennial Black
Millennial Black

When Sophie Williams is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Race – focus on Blackness
Gender – focus on womanness
Allyship / Anti-Racism in day to day life
Building anti-racist workplaces
The Glass Cliff
Building successful, diverse, working environments

Sophie Williams is a diversity, equity and inclusion expert,  author and former Global Manager of Production Planning for Netflix. She left Netflix in 2022 after leading the European employee walkout in protest against transphobic content. In addition to being a TED speaker, Sophie is also the Founder of @OfficialMillenialBlack a popular anti-racism page with a large following. Alongside her speaking engagements, Sophie is an Intersectional Equity Consultant and provides advice for leading businesses all over the UK. As an eloquent speaker, she discusses several topics including gender, race, intersectionality and allyship among others.

In her professional career, Sophie has had several notable roles, especially in advertising, media and creative. Some of the roles include Operations Coordinator and Creative Project Manager for Saatchi Mobile,  Senior Creative Producer for Wunderman UK, and CFO and COO of Social Life to name a few. Sophie also founded her own business, Blanket Fort in 2019, offering freelance services including workshops, presentations and diversity, equity and inclusion speaking sessions. Sophie has many prominent clients including Sky, Meta, Apple, Amazon, Google, Sony, and Cambridge University, to name a few.

The talented author of Anti-Racist Ally 2020 and Millennial Black 2021, Sophie’s written work has featured in prestigious publications including The Guardian, Glamour, Bustle and Cosmopolitan. Moreover, Sophie is an excellent workshop facilitator and frequent panellist who uses her expertise to encourage others to start their individual activism journey. In her workshops, she focuses on diversity, inclusion, anti-racism and allyship.

A highly articulate speaker who makes a huge impact on her audience, Sophie has spoken at several leading events including TED, Primadonna Festival and BBC x Open University. She shares personal experiences with a profound understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion to deliver outstanding speeches that are very beneficial to the audience.

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We really loved having Sophie at the conference, it was a highly relevant and insightful session and was incredibly well received by the audience who told us they found it impactful and thought provoking. We would highly recommend Sophie as a speaker and look forward to working with her in the future.


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