Silvia Garcia

The Former Global Director of the Happiness Institute at Coca-Cola, Founder & CEO of Feel Logic

  • Founder & CEO of Happiest Places to Work
  • Head of Research & Consulting for C-YourCulture
  • Former Global Director of Marketing Communications, Innovation, Leadership & Futurism for Coca-Cola
  • Former Health Care Marketing Manager for SCA Hygiene Products

When Silvia Garcia is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Starting or Growing a Culture of Happiness at Work Based on Science
Eight Things the Most Resilient Companies Do To Build Employees’ Mental Health
On/Off – Killing Stress Before It Kills You
Why a Positive Culture is the Ultimate Economic Advantage
Emotional Wellbeing
Employee Engagement

Silvia Garcia stands as a beacon in the realms of happiness, wellbeing, diversity, and inclusion. With an illustrious career that traces its roots back to notable brands and institutions, her prowess in blending positivity with professional brilliance is truly commendable. Her experience as Coca-Cola’s former Global Director of Happiness, Marketing and Communication serves as evidence of her dedication to infusing happiness into every strand of corporate culture. Her journey has been a testament to the profound impact of wellbeing on various facets of the corporate world, from employee retention to enhancing customer service communication. By diving deep into the intricate dynamics of workplace relationships, Silvia has showcased that happiness isn’t just a fleeting emotion; it’s an invaluable asset that can catalyse organisational success.

Reflecting on her career trajectory, Silvia’s tenure at SCA Hygiene Products and her extensive 15 years at The Coca-Cola Company highlights her knack for steering teams towards high performance and productivity. Her foresight in predicting consumer trends and her pivotal role in enhancing the well-being of Coca-Cola’s vast workforce are notable feats that have cemented her reputation. Currently, as the Head of Research & Consulting for C-YourCulture, Silvia is on a mission to carve out distinctive workplace cultures. This endeavour was further amplified when she founded Feel Logic and Happiest Places to Work. These ventures utilise the essence of behavioural science to metamorphose corporate cultures, underlining Silvia’s commitment to bringing about tangible change.

Her academic pursuits from globally recognised institutions like the University of Cambridge, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Penn State University, act as the bedrock of her expertise. Beyond her business ventures and academic laurels, her prowess as a speaker shines brilliantly. Her TEDx Talk titled ‘Innovating Means Deciding With Our Emotions’ epitomises her profound understanding of human emotions and their interplay in decision-making.

Addressing millions worldwide, Silvia Garcia has been a beacon of inspiration. She hasn’t limited her expertise to the contours of happiness alone. Leadership, branding, behavioural psychology and analytical assessments have all found a voice through her enlightening sessions. Her ability to revolutionise workplace cultures has made her an invaluable asset to institutions aiming for transformation. Silvia Garcia is not just a speaker; she’s an experience. Her talks delve into the depths of fostering happiness, building resilient organisations, and nurturing employee mental health. For anyone aiming to create a transformative shift in their organisational culture, with an emphasis on emotional wellbeing and employee engagement, Silvia Garcia is the keynote speaker to turn to. Her insights, expertise and vast experience are sure to usher in an era of happiness and holistic well-being in any institution she touches.

Official Testimonials

Silvia Garcia is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“We loved Silvia’s pose. Super interesting content, featuring surprising and relevant stories for our audience. Silvia is one of those lecturers that everyone in the world loves to listen to. Your energy, optimism and vision are contagious and the audience is always filed with inspiration, ideas and practical examples.”

Rosa, Head of External Communications, L’Oreal Spain & Portugal

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