Shehab Khan

Award-Winning ITV News Presenter & Political Correspondent, Star of ‘The Hajj: A Journey Through Mecca’ Documentary & Co-Host on the ITV News Podcast ‘Calling Peston’

  • Youngest staff reporter at The Independent
  • Known for reporting on topics such as Brexit, the war in Ukraine, and significant political shifts within the United Kingdom

When Shehab Khan is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

International Affairs
Social Media
Diversity and Inclusion
Unconscious bias

Shehab Khan stands out as a distinguished figure in the realm of keynote speaking, particularly on topics of diversity and inclusion. With his rich background as an award-winning ITV News Presenter and Political Correspondent, he brings a unique perspective to the discussion. Shehab’s extensive experience in presenting and reporting on major global events, including Brexit, the war in Ukraine, and significant political shifts within the United Kingdom, equips him with a deep understanding of the intricate ways in which politics and societal issues intersect. His ability to convey complex topics in an accessible manner makes him an exceptional keynote speaker, especially when addressing the nuances of diversity and inclusion. Shehab’s expertise is not only rooted in his professional accomplishments but also in his personal journey, exemplified by his acclaimed documentary, ‘The Hajj: A Journey Through Mecca’, which sheds light on cultural and religious diversity.

Beyond his reporting and documentary work, Shehab Khan’s interaction with a broad audience through social media platforms, like TikTok, and his role as a co-host on the ITV News podcast ‘Calling Peston’, showcase his adeptness at engaging with a diverse demographic. This engagement demonstrates his commitment to fostering an inclusive environment where voices from various backgrounds are heard and respected. His significant social media presence, attracting millions of views, underlines his influence and reach, making him a compelling diversity and inclusion keynote speaker. His ability to resonate with a wide audience is crucial in promoting understanding and empathy across different communities.

Shehab’s professional journey, from being the youngest staff reporter at The Independent to covering critical issues at the European Parliament, reflects his dedication to journalism and advocacy for diversity. His recognition in the form of several awards for journalism highlights his commitment to excellence and integrity in his work. As a keynote speaker, Shehab leverages this extensive experience to inspire and educate his audience on the importance of diversity and inclusion. By sharing insights from his career and personal experiences, he provides valuable perspectives on navigating the complexities of global politics and societal issues through a lens of inclusivity.

As a highly accomplished Event MC, Panel Moderator, and Facilitator, Shehab Khan is well-placed to lead discussions on diversity and inclusion, alongside his specialist areas of politics and international affairs. His multifaceted career and the accolades he has received are a testament to his talent and dedication. Shehab’s ability to connect with and captivate his audience, combined with his profound knowledge and passion for advocating diversity and inclusion, make him an influential keynote speaker. His presentations not only enlighten but also motivate individuals and organisations to embrace and celebrate diversity, fostering a more inclusive society.

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