Selma Nicholls

Founder & Casting Director of Looks Like Me

  • Casting Director for ‘Brown Skin Girl’ by Beyonce
  • Casting Director for the ‘Hero In Us All’ for the ‘Black Panther’ preview screening
  • Winner of the Black British Business Award for Arts and Media Leader of 2018

Selma Nicholls is renowned for her work as a casting director, having founded Looks Like Me in 2015 to increase diverse representation in casting and content creation. Inspired by her own daughter to create her casting company, Selma is on a mission to ensure that the world is a more inclusive place for future generations, and that they can look to the media and see a representation of themselves no matter how they look or identify. Having worked with countless household names, Selma is now booked as a diversity and inclusion speaker globally to share the importance of diverse representation.

Passionate to create the change she wants to see in the world, Selma founded Looks Like Me in 2015 after her daughter felt underrepresented in the media. Now a leading casting director, Selma has worked with clients such as Tesco, George at Asda, Sainsbury’s, Warner Music and Lego to ensure that their advertisements are diverse and inclusive of all. Redefining beauty standards worldwide, Selma raises the profile of underrepresented minorities in the media, by spreading diverse talent across art, advertisements and fashion.

Some of Selma’s most prominent work includes being a Casting Director for Brown Skin Girl in the #BLACKISKING film by Beyonce. She also worked as the Casting Director for the Hero In Us All as part of the Black Panther preview screening. Working with household names, Selma has also helped to produce campaigns such as Back to School and We Are Making Moves for George at Asda, Build Their Potential for Lego and Start Your Journey Right for Heathrow Airport. She has also worked as the Casting Director for Sainsbury’s Christmas campaign Guess The Christmas Moment and The Academy PR for Amazon Prime UK.

Highly passionate about making the world a more inclusive place, Selma is now available to hire as a diversity and inclusion speaker. Sharing the importance of diverse representation, Selma’s expertise is transferable into a corporate context, helping businesses to hire more diverse talent and create an inclusive network. Inspiring others to create change, Selma is ensuring that future generations have a world to grow up in where they can look to the media and see representations of themselves no matter how they identify or look. When looking for a passionate diversity and inclusion advocate who knows first-hand the importance of representation, book Selma Nicolls today!

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