Sarah Seaman

Teaching Expert on BBC Radio Sheffield, Member of the Savvitas Group & Recipient of an MP HERo Award

  • Host of The Muddy Puddle Teacher Podcast
  • Author of ‘The Muddy Puddle Teacher: A playful way to create an outdoor Early Years curriculum’

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The Muddy Puddle Teacher: A playful way to create an outdoor Early Years curriculum
The Muddy Puddle Teacher: A playful way to create an outdoor Early Years curriculum

Sarah Seaman, known as ‘The Muddy Puddle Teacher’, stands as a beacon of innovation and inspiration in the educational sector, particularly for neurodivergent children. Her pioneering outdoor teaching approach has not only redefined traditional classroom settings but has also empowered over 23,000 teachers across the UK to embrace the outdoors as a vibrant classroom. Sarah’s methodology, which integrates academic lessons with nature, encourages children to learn through interaction with their environment, making education more accessible and enjoyable for students with diverse learning needs. This approach has proven so effective that it has been embraced by over 500 schools, including special needs schools recognised by the Scottish Government for their excellence. Sarah’s commitment to enhancing the educational experience extends beyond her teaching methods; it is a testament to her belief in the potential of every child to thrive academically outside conventional classroom boundaries.

Sarah’s journey from a child considered lower-ability due to her dyslexia and ADHD to an accomplished adult with two degrees, a master’s, a published book, and a flourishing business, is nothing short of remarkable. Her narrative is a powerful testament to the transformative power of understanding and leveraging one’s unique learning style. As a mother of two, with one child also thriving with neurodivergence, Sarah embodies the principles she advocates for, demonstrating that with the right support and innovative approaches, neurodivergent individuals can achieve great success. Her story is not just inspirational; it serves as a motivational blueprint for educators, parents, and individuals navigating the challenges of neurodivergence.

In addition to her ground-breaking educational contributions, Sarah has established herself as a respected voice in the educational discourse, evidenced by her published works with Bloomsbury and her frequent contributions to BBC Radio Sheffield as a teaching expert. Her expertise is sought after across various platforms, from radio to conferences, where she shares insights from her journey and the effectiveness of her teaching methods. Her second book, set to release in 2025, is highly anticipated, promising to further her impact on educational practices and policies. Sarah’s ability to articulate her vision and experiences makes her a sought-after speaker at events and universities, including the prestigious Education Festival and several leading universities in the UK.

Beyond her professional achievements, Sarah’s influence extends to a wide audience through her robust online presence, with over 50,000 followers across social media platforms and a popular podcast. Her reach is a testament to her role as a thought leader in the educational space, particularly for those interested in innovative teaching methods, outdoor learning, and supporting neurodivergent children. As a member of the Savvitas group and a recipient of an MP HERo award, her contributions are not only recognised but celebrated. Sarah Seaman’s work is a beacon of hope and a source of practical strategies for educators, parents, and advocates looking to enrich the educational experiences of neurodivergent children.

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