Samantha Hiew PHD

Founder of ADHD Girls, former cancer researcher and leading neurodiversity speaker

  • Founder of ADHD Girls
  • Published in the Lancet
  • Received a PhD from University College London
  • Recipient of Malaysian Prime Minister’s Scholarship.

When Samantha Hiew PHD is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Empowering Women With ADHD to Thrive at Work
Female Neurodiversity at Work: Understanding and Supporting
Women with ADHD: What is it Like to be Diagnosed Later in Life?
My Story of Becoming an ND Leader
Neurodiversity: Awareness, Celebration and Designing Intersectional Support
Neurodiversity & Intersectionality: Diversity Within Diversity
Neurodiversity and The Family Life Cycle
ADHD Best Practice: Recruitment, Retention and Sense of Belonging & Intersectionality
Neurodiversity and Supporting Students with ADHD at University
ADHD Student’s Mental Health & Wellbeing
Neurodiversity: Creating a Culture Where Everyone can Thrive
ADHD Workplace Adjustments and Wellbeing
Raising Girls With ADHD: Parents & Carers Guide

Samantha Hiew is best known as the Founding Director of ADHD girls, after being diagnosed with the condition at aged 40.  She also hosts a YouTube channel by the same name. Away from ADHD Girls, she was the recipient of the Malaysian Prime Minister’s Scholarship.  With the scholarship, she completed a PhD in Cancer Research from University College London. She has also worked in the health industry as a writer and communications officer. Available to hire as a speaker Samantha focuses on educating businesses on the challenges facing people with ADHD as well as empowering women who have it.

She graduated with a degree in Genetics, Molecular Biology and Microbiology from the University of Malaya. She received the Malaysian Prime Ministers Scholarship and used it to complete a Masters at the University of Leeds in Cancer Virology and Immunology. She continued her education and earned a PhD from University College London in Cancer Virology and Childhood Leukaemia.  Upon completing a degree, she pursued a career in writing and became a Medical Writer at PAREXEL International as well as freelancing for Hogarth Worldwide. Samantha then worked at the Imperial College Academic Health Science Centre as an Impact Writer and Communications Officer. Her writing work also saw her become a Columnist, Feature and Travel Writer at the Huffington Post. She has worked as a freelance writer and communications consultant since 2015 working within the NHS, Universities, and private companies. She also had work published in the prestigious Lancet Oncology. Samantha also possesses experience in the media, acting in ad campaigns around the world as well as presenting to a UK and Asian market.

Diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 40 her new identity as a neurodivergent led to her developing an understanding of the stigma around the condition and how ignorant she had been about it before her diagnosis. From this, she founded ADHD Girls and the YouTube Channel by the same name. This is an organisation that help people with ADHD access employment and looks to encourage real change by working with businesses to help them understand ADHD. It also aims to empower women with ADHD with the knowledge and skills to thrive in life.

As a speaker, Samantha Hiew discusses her experiences with ADHD, how businesses can support those with it as well as delivering into the science behind it looking at how it manifests in adults and the nature or nurture debate. Her range of speaking topics makes her great for a business audience but also at any conference looking to understand ADHD from a neurological perspective. Samantha is also a passionate speaker about intersectionality, and how factors such as culture, race, poverty, class, and gender impact those with ADHD.

Official Testimonials

Samantha Hiew PHD is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“If you are looking for someone who is well-read, have advanced clear communication
skills, someone who is perceptive, empathic, strong, & a team player then you have just
found the right person. Sam knows how to make connections that leave a lasting effect
and her work speaks for itself. ”

Dr Manpreet Kaur

“Thank you so very much for your presentation today, you are a joy to listen to and it was
so informative!”

Jenifer Anderson

“You are amazing!!! I am so glad that we found you.”

Karen Velthuys

“Sam was very knowledgeable and engaging. I recommend working with her in any
capacity, especially in mentoring young girls struggling with an ADHD diagnosis. I look
forward to working more with her in the future.”

Audrey Stimpson

“Was a great event. We really enjoyed Samantha’s session. Working with the team was also really easy – you were swift, communicative and found us a great speaker!”

Hogan Lovells International LLP

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