Roxana Carare

Professor in Clinical Neuroanatomy at the University of Southampton & Leader of International Research into Dementia

  • Former Senior Lecturer of Clinical Neurosciences & Lecturer of Anatomical Sciences at the Univesity of Southampton
  • Chair of the Steering Committee for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology at the University of Southampton
  • Established The Carare Research Group
  • Former Senior Resident in General Surgery at the Colentina Hospital, Romania
  • Former Resident in Paediatrics at the Fundeni Hospital, Romania

Roxana Carare currently works in education as a Professor of Clinical Neuroanatomy at the University of Southampton. A former Senior Resident in General Surgery at the Colentina Hospital in Romania, Roxana is also a passionate researcher focussing on the study of Dementia. With Dementia affecting more than 800,000 people in Britain, Roxana is dedicated to working on cures and preventions for the condition. Now booked as a diversity and inclusion speaker for events, Roxana delivers powerful speeches on the importance of research for medical conditions.

Graduating in General Medicine in Bucharest, Roxanna has since enjoyed a rewarding medical career, now dedicating her time to medical education. Achieving a PhD in Experimental Neuropathology from the University of Southampton, Roxana later went on to work as a Resident in General Medicine and a Senior Resident in General Surgery at the Colentina Hospital and a Resident in Paediatrics at the Fundeni Hospital in Romania. She has also worked in a Clinical Attachment in General Surgery at St Columcille’s Hospital Dublin and a Clinical Attachment in Accident & Emergency, Care of the Elderly and Internal Medicine at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

Moving into education in 1998, Roxana has worked a number of roles in Anatomical Sciences and Clinical Neurosciences. She has also acted as the Chair of the Steering Committee for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology at the University of Southampton, a Home Office Licensed Teacher of Anatomy and a Member of the British Neuropathological Society Academic Committee. Researching into Dementia, Roxana has developed revolutionary concepts that demonstrate how soluble amyloid (believed to contribute to Dementia) is eliminated from the brain along membranes within the walls of cerebral capillaries and arteries. In recognition of her research into dementia, Roxana has been the recipient of the Dementia Leader Award and Venus Influential Woman of the Year 2016.

A medically qualified professor, Roxana is now a popular speaker for a range of corporate events, focussing on the diversity of the human mind. Researching into Dementia, Roxana is increasing awareness of the medical condition and ensuring those who suffer from the condition are supported in society. Specialising in experimental neuropathology, anatomy and medical education, Roxana pushes the importance of research into Dementia, with current treatments having little to no effect on the progression of the disease. Working as a Dementia Advisor for Age UK and establishing The Carare Research Group, book Roxana Carare for an informative speech on Alzheimer’s Disease.

Official Testimonials

Roxana Carare is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“I wanted to express my sincere thanks for your presentation and talk at today’s Live & Ticking event on vascular dementia. The subject was brought to life with the fantastic talk you gave, pitched perfectly for our supporter audience. We also had a fantastic engagement with the polls and questions submitted. As a team, we are extremely grateful to you all for your support and participation and we look forward to working with you again in the future. Thank you again and have a lovely evening”

Leanne, Research Engagement Officer, British Heart Foundation

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