Pauline Miller

Chief Equity Officer for Dentsu & Former Head of Culture for Lloyd's of London

  • Former Head of Talent Development and Inclusion at Lloyds of London
  • Advisory board member for the United Nations Foundation Girl Up organisation
  • Led the Dive Up Festival with Lloyds since 2015 encouraging diversity and inclusion in the insurance sector
  • Joined the panel for CIPD in 2019 at Hallam Conferences discussing topics such as the ethnicity pay gap and LGBT issues

When Pauline Miller is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Inclusivity & Diversity
Empowering Women in Business
Minority Group Representation
Inspiring Change & Corporate Responsibility
Change Management

Pauline Miller is the Chief Equity Officer for Dentsu, and the former Head of Talent Development and Inclusion at Lloyds of London, a prestigious UK insurance company. An HR expert for over 20 years, Pauline has enjoyed a successful career-enhancing the diversity in corporate settings, helping minorities achieve deserved positions they may have struggled to attain in the past. As a diversity and inclusion speaker, Pauline shares her expertise from years as a senior diversity manager and encourages the importance of being a diverse and inclusive employer.

In 2015, after previous experience with State Street Bank and Barclays, Pauline joined Lloyds of London as the firm’s Head of Diversity and Inclusion. In this role, she was in charge of implementing best practices to ensure an inclusive and diverse workplace. Since joining the business, Pauline has also worked as the Head of Talent Development and Inclusion and is now the Head of Culture. During her tenure at Lloyd’s of London, Pauline has significantly impacted the culture, diversity and inclusion of Lloyd’s enterprise.

Before joining Lloyds, Pauline worked in the banking sector where she gained a thorough understanding of the corporate world, which has stood her in good stead later in her career. During this stage of her career, Pauline was confronted with the realities of discrimination in the workplace and these experiences led her to want to make a difference. Immersing herself in learning why minorities struggle, when booked as a diversity and inclusion speaker Pauline is able to share her experiences with racism, inspiring audiences everywhere to take a stand against racial discrimination.

Recently, Pauline has begun voluntary work as an advisory board member for the United Nations Foundation Girl Up, an organisation which strives for gender equality with causes across the world. She has also created the Dive In scheme at Lloyds, a three-day festival that focuses on diversity and inclusion in the industry which has had a global audience of over 9,000 attendees. Having empowered hundreds of women and minority ethnic groups with her inspirational career, Pauline Miller is one of the most sought-after diversity and inclusion speakers on the circuit.

Official Testimonials

Pauline Miller is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“Firstly the session today went extremely well and has been very well received by RGA associates across the region. Thank you for your help in arranging for us to have Pauline. I really enjoyed hearing her story and her insights and I know that this sentiment is shared based on the feedback received so far.”

Karen, HR Manager Italy and Spain, RGA International Reinsurance Company 

“Thank you so much Pauline for an inspiring and honest conversation. As a POC, everything you’ve said resonates and the most of the people I would imagine are allies themselves”

“You’re so right Pauline, we all need to move out of our comfort zones and seek out people outside our own background who we can listen to and learn from. That’s the only we can understand and challenge our own bias. Thank you for such an engaging and open session. And having worked with Lloyds of London, totally admire how you grew even stronger from that highly institutionalised organisation!”

“I would just like to say I really appreciate you sharing your experiences and knowledge and that your positivity shines through – for me you have been a light at the end of a tunnel.”

“An example of strength and determination and an example of a good human!”

“This session has been brilliant. Thank you Versus Arthritis for supporting staff to make time to learn about barriers POC face and how we can tackle them”

“I could listen to you all day Pauline”

Lisett, Helpline Manager, Versus Arthritis

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