Patrick Hutchinson

Co-Founder and Director of pHKind and Ambassador of Hope Collective

  • Author of “Everyone Versus Racism”
  • Co-Founder and Director of United to Change and Inspire
  • Advisory Board Member of Black British Initiative
  • Ambassador of Rio Ferdinand Foundation & Payment Choice Alliance

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Everyone Versus Racism
Everyone Versus Racism

Patrick Hutchinson, a name synonymous with bravery and resilience, has emerged as one of the most compelling voices on diversity, inclusion, race, and ethnic minorities in recent times. With his diverse background as Co-Founder and Director of pHKind, a health and personal care retail brand, coupled with his expertise as an athletics coach, personal trainer, and martial artist, Patrick provides a fresh perspective on these pertinent issues.

His personal journey, rising from a single-parent household to a prominent corporate professional, has imbued him with a deep understanding of the hurdles faced by marginalised communities. Having held roles such as Senior Shift Analyst at BNP Paribas and Technical Project Manager at Vnetrix, his insights into the corporate world’s systemic inequalities are both profound and grounded in real experience.

However, it was his selfless act during the Black Lives Matter protests that thrust him into the global spotlight. By saving a right-wing protestor from potential harm, Patrick’s actions embodied the true essence of unity and demonstrated the importance of empathy in the face of division. This act was more than just a fleeting moment of heroism; it encapsulated Patrick’s core beliefs about the power of compassion and understanding in navigating the tumultuous waters of racial and ethnic tensions. Media giants, from BBC to The New York Times, showcased his story, and accolades like the GQ Hero Award and the London Chamber of Commerce Black Excellence Award poured in. But beyond the recognition, it was his message that resonated: that the fight against racism isn’t a binary battle between black and white, but rather, as he states in his book, it’s “Everyone Versus Racism: A Letter to My Children.”

His appointment as an Advisory Board Member of the Black British Initiative and roles in organisations like United to Change and Inspire further affirm his commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion. As an Ambassador of the Rio Ferdinand Foundation and the Hope Collective, his outreach spans across different spheres, from sports to socio-economic initiatives. As a keynote speaker, Patrick’s unique blend of personal experience, corporate insights, and activism ensures a multifaceted understanding of diversity and inclusion. In essence, hiring Patrick Hutchinson is not just about adding another speaker to an event’s roster. It’s about opening a dialogue, igniting change, and understanding the pressing need to address systemic inequalities head-on.

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