Dr Nighat Arif

Family GP Specialising in Women's Health, Family Planning & Menopause

  • Nominated for the Bevan Prize for Health and Wellbeing for exceptional commitment to advancing wellbeing in her community
  • Resident Doctor on ITV’s This Morning & BBC LookEast
  • Appeared on BBC Breakfast as part of ‘Wake Up To The Menopause’
  • Campaigner for Organ Donation in BAME communities
  • Host of her own Sunday breakfast show on BBC3 Counties Radio
  • Ambassador of Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity & HerSpirit
  • Expert in Menopause, Family Planning & Women’s Health

When Dr Nighat Arif is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Diversity & Inclusion
Cultural Change
Health & Wellbeing

Dr Nighat Arif has enjoyed a successful career in medicine, having dedicated her career to practising as a Family GP specialising in women’s health, family planning and Menopause. Consulting with her patients in fluent English, Urdu and Punjabi, Nighat has earned a great deal of trust throughout her career – which has allowed her to become a knowledgeable medical educator delivering speeches at a range of conferences, both national and international. Having worked for the NHS for 11 years and privately for five years, Nighat is now highly sought after as a speaker, uniting different cultures and promoting diversity and inclusion.

Working with the NHS for 11 years, Nighat has enjoyed a varied medical career, previously working as a Lead Clinician for a residential Dementia centre and in general adult psychiatry as part of the Oxford Mental Health NHS Trust. Having had her work published in the likes of British Vogue Magazine, Women in Medicine Magazine, MegsMenopause and Good Housekeeping Magazine, Nighat’s credibility has allowed her to become a Resident Doctor on BBC Breakfast, BBC LookEast and ITV’s This Morning. She has also appeared on the BBC Breakfast campaign ‘Wake Up To The Menopause’, emphasising her passion for eliminating the stigma surrounding menopause for people of all cultures.

Dr Nighat has also worked on the BBC’s Food Truth or Scare series and hosts her own breakfast show on Sunday on BBC3 Counties Radio. Nighat is also a regular guest on BBC Asian Network, TimesRadio, BBC Radio 5 Live and Talk Radio, along with sharing a range of uplifting content on her verified TikTok account. She also uses her prominence to campaign on the importance of Organ Donation in BAME communities, and has done a substantial amount of work with NHS Blood and Transplant. Nighat is also highly sought after as a subject expert on a range of podcasts, including HerSpirit, HuffPost, Sikh Forgiveness and Surgical Spirit. She is also a part of Team Halo, working in partnership with the United Nations to spread understanding surrounding the Covid-19 vaccine.

A medical expert, Dr Nighat uses her platforms to advocate for women’s health – often speaking on depression, anxiety and Menopause. She has also shared her expertise as an Online Health Expert for NOON, empowering women around mid-life. Now booked as a speaker for a range of events, Dr Nighat is a seasoned expert who has delivered a range of women’s health workshops. Having also been a speaker at the global Virtual Vaccine Days conference, Nighat is relaxed and confident in front of an audience and remains authentic to her values no matter the occasion. Uniting cultures in a positive way, Nighat has been nominated for the Bevan Prize for Health and Wellbeing, and is renowned for her exceptional commitment to advancing wellbeing. When looking for a passionate speaker on health and wellbeing, the Menopause, women’s health, diversity and inclusion, book Dr Nighat Arif today.

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