Micah Eames

Former Digital Content Strategist at Accenture, Delivered the TED Talk 'How to Come Out at Work, About Anything' & Named Young Professional of the Year by PRSA

  • Former Media Communications Associate at TED Conference
  • Former Social Media Manager for the University of Drayton

Micah Eames stands out as a diversity and inclusion keynote speaker, bringing a wealth of experience from various fields, including marketing and content strategy for high-profile organisations such as TED Talks, Accenture, and the University of Dayton. With a career spanning over a decade, Micah has cultivated a unique ability to blend insights from these domains, enriching his approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). His background in managing content and social media strategies for major entities has honed his skills in effective communication and audience engagement, crucial competencies that make his sessions as a public speaker more impactful.

Beyond his professional achievements, Micah’s influence as a public speaker is notably marked by his successful TED Talk, ‘How to Come Out at Work, About Anything’, which has garnered over 400,000 views. This presentation, among other engagements, underscores his commitment to fostering understanding and inclusivity in professional environments. His talks extend beyond mere discussions, delving into interactive DEI sessions that address inclusive language, mental health, gender, sexuality, and the nuances of revealing one’s authentic self in the workplace. Micah’s ability to infuse humour into these often-challenging conversations defuses tension and creates a welcoming atmosphere that encourages open dialogue and genuine engagement.

Micah’s commitment to DEI extends to his tenure at Accenture, where he played a pivotal role as a Digital Content Strategist. Notably, he delivered a presentation to over 500 individuals for Trans Day of Visibility, focusing on best practices for transgender inclusion, coming out, and celebrating transgender joy. This involvement in advocating for underrepresented groups in corporate settings demonstrates his dedication to practical change, highlighting that his approach to DEI is not just theoretical but also action oriented. His work embodies a deep understanding of the complexities involved in personal identity discussions within professional contexts.

Furthermore, Micah’s role at TED Conferences and the TED Audio Collective solidified his position at the forefront of content creation and strategy. Here, he managed marketing operations for over 20 original podcasts, demonstrating his proficiency in crafting compelling narratives and engaging diverse audiences. His contributions to platforms that prioritise a wide range of topics, from psychology to technology, reflect his multidimensional approach to education and advocacy. Through these endeavours, Micah emphasises the importance of diverse perspectives in fostering a culture of inclusivity and continual learning, making him an invaluable voice in discussions surrounding diversity and inclusion.

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