Mark Charlesworth

Co-Founder of the Neurodiversity Association, Associate Neurodiversity Consultant & Facilitator & Neurodiversity Special Advisor

  • Diagnosed with epilepsy at 18
  • Diagnosed with ADHD, Aspergers and PTSD at 34

When Mark Charlesworth is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

The early years and schooling
Early experiences of work
Self employment and success

Mark Charlesworth is a renowned ADHD and autism spectrum workplace consultant who is readily called upon by leading organisations, to perform neurodevelopmental condition audits. For several years, Mark struggled to reach his full potential in school and the workplace, despite being an intelligent individual. At 34, he finally received answers to the cause of his struggles when he was diagnosed with ADHD, Aspergers and PTSD. As a speaker, Mark candidly shares anecdotes of his experiences as a neurodivergent individual with a late diagnosis and his insight into creating more inclusive workplaces for neurodivergence.

First realising he was different in middle school, Mark experienced difficulty fitting in with his peers and struggled to attain the GCSE grades that truly reflected his academic abilities. At 18, he was diagnosed with epilepsy, the first of several other neurodivergent diagnoses. Forgoing university, he went on to join the workforce as a Retail Assistant with Morrison. This was followed by the role of Marketing Assistant at Burmatex and then Claims Handler with the RSA. In 2001, Mark joined Aviva as a Senior Underwriter working in the assessment of an insured’s claims before the renewal of a contract.

For years, Mark carried the burden of not achieving his full potential, bouncing from employment to unemployment, until he finally received his diagnosis of ADHD, Aspergers and PTSD, revealing answers to questions long held in his mind. Due to discriminatory recruitment practices and a lack of neurodivergence awareness in workplaces, Mark decided to become self-employed and made it his mission to spread neurodiversity awareness. In 2021, he was invited to join Creased Puddle to help on their pioneering Neuro-Vision project and share his lived experience with neurodivergence to enhance their training programme. Moreover, Mark is an Associate Neurodiversity Consultant and Facilitator who helps organisations become more successful by showing them how to create an inclusive environment for neurodiversity.

Having established himself as a leading neurodiversity expert, Mark boasts prestigious clients, such as Northumbria Police, Asda, Nestle and the NHS, who seek his guidance on creating inclusive workplaces for neurodivergent individuals. With the lived experience of neurodivergence, Mark speaks with authenticity and power, providing highly informative sessions to increase neurodiversity literacy among audience members. Mark is the perfect speaker for organisations seeking to understand neurodivergence and remove barriers preventing progression in the workplace.

Official Testimonials

Mark Charlesworth is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

Mark gave me some very helpful pre-assessment advice and I look forward to speaking with him again in the near future for a post assessment debrief. Many thanks Mark.

Mark, National Member's Council for the Co-op

Mark is an incredible coach. In one session he helped me illuminate and gain insight into my chaos! I received five simple strategies to support my well-being journey. It was transformational.

Rosa, Founder RosaB Coaching

I had the privilege of hearing Mark speak to a group of HR Managers on this subject. Mark speaks from a position of experience and personal knowledge. His authenticity and passion came across so strongly it made the talk all the more compelling. It was an incredibly enlightening talk and I came away realising how many of our processes are out of line with what is needed for companies to be fully accessible for everyone.

Lou, Executive & Life Coaching, Lou Laggan Coaching and Development

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