Lisa Ventura

Founder & CEO of the UK Cyber Security Association & Neurodiversity Advocate

  • Former Chief Operations Officer/ PR & Marketing Director at Titania Ltd
  • Founder of the UK Cyber Security Association
  • Winner of the Cyber Security Supporter of Women category at the Cyber Security Women of the Year Awards 2019
  • Winner of Cyber Security Personality of the Year at the 2019 Cyber Security Awards
  • Named on the TechWomen100 2019 list by WeAreTechWomen

When Lisa Ventura is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Hacking & Neurodiversity
The Rise of the Neurodivergent Cyber Person
Not a Sheep: How Different is the New Normal
Neurodiversity & Business
Navigating Through Grief & Loss
Surviving Stillbirth & Early Pregnancy Loss
Women’s Issues
Health & Wellbeing
Happiness & Positivity
Pets as Therapy

Lisa Ventura is a leading authority in the technology sector, specialising in cyber security as the Founder of Cyber Security Unity. After founding UK Cyber Security Association in 2019, Lisa is now the Founder of Cyber Security Unity which aims to unite the cyber security industry to combat the growing cyber threat globally.

She also raises awareness of the importance of cyber security and educate the public to enhance their knowledge and reduce cybercrime. Driven by her passion, Lisa hosts a whole calendar of events through Cyber Security Unity that are focused on its aims and is credited with improving the skills gap between education and industry.

An award-winning content marketing consultant and cyber security expert, Lisa was formerly the Chief Operations Officer and PR Marketing Director of Titania Ltd and has spent the previous two decades of her career pioneering technology, marketing, and cyber security. Diagnosed with Autism, Lisa is now often booked as a diversity and inclusion speaker, sharing her experience of neurodiversity in the workplace, and raising awareness of the condition.

Lisa is a Board Member for the West Midlands Cyber Resilience Centre and raises awareness of the importance of cybersecurity for small businesses. Her expertise in cybersecurity has been extended to the likes of BT and she has also contributed a variety of articles to BPMA Magazine, Counter Terror Business Magazine and Europa Business Magazine. She has authored several books including the titles of The Rise of the Cyber Woman, Picking Apart the Threads, Frankie’s Legacy, I Am #ActuallyAutistic and How to Cope When Someone Dies.

Diagnosed as Autistic, Lisa is proud to be neurodivergent and passionately advocates various issues related to neurodiversity. Becoming a leading authority in the cyber security sector, Lisa also avidly pushes the suitability of careers within cyber security for those who are neurodivergent or autistic. As a business mentor, Lisa supports other neurodivergent individuals in their careers and she also is passionate to empower women in technology and cybersecurity. In reward of her commitment to the cyber security industry, Lisa has won the Cyber Security Support of Women category at the 2019 Cyber Security Woman of the Year Awards and Cyber Security Personality of the Year at the 2019 Cyber Security Awards.

Now booked as a speaker for corporate events, Lisa is sought to share her expertise in cyber security and to raise awareness of neurodiversity and Autism. A passionate campaigner, Lisa is known for covering sensitive subjects such as stillbirth, early pregnancy loss and navigating grief. She is also widely sought for her expertise on neurodiversity in the workplace, happiness, positivity, health, and wellbeing. When looking for a speaker who encourages diversity and inclusion no matter the circumstance, look no further than Lisa Ventura.

Official Testimonials

Lisa Ventura is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“Lisa brought home the importance of staying safe online to our audience, many of whom are angel investors, and demystified the subject of cybersecurity. She has lots of practical hints and tips for what to do in the event of a cyber-attack, and we’ve booked her for our forthcoming conference in November. She is highly recommended as an engaging speaker in the cybersecurity space”

Helen, Stakeholderz

“Lisa has contributed to many of our conferences and webinars and is always a hit with our audience. She has spoken about phishing, device security and management and managing stress and burnout in infosec and cybersecurity and brings each topic to life with real-life examples and her own experiences”

Dan, Infosecurity Magazine

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