Leila McKenzie-Delis

Passionate Thought Leader, CEO and Founder of DIAL Global and The McKenzie-Delis Foundation

  • CEO and founder of DIAL Global and The McKenzie-Delis Foundation
  • Launched the McKenzie-Delis Review
  • Managing Director of Leila McKenzie Associates Limited
  • Author of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging- A Leadership Guide About Why Everyone Matters & How to Make Them Feel Like They do
  • Presenter of the Diverse & Inclusive Leaders Podcast

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Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Leila McKenzie-Delis
Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Leila McKenzie-Delis is a leading figure in diversity and inclusion, best known for being the founder and CEO of DIAL Global and The McKenzie-Delis Foundation. With her companies, Leila works to develop inclusion and diversity in corporate settings and society as a whole, supplying individuals with the tools they need to do so. When booked as a diversity and inclusion speaker, Leila shares her successes as a recruitment director and how she is helping the world to become a more diverse and inclusive place.

Best known as the CEO of DIAL Global and The McKenzie-Delis Foundation, Leila is committed to creating authentic cultures within workplaces and giving people the opportunity to be more creative. A strong believer that diversity does not only mean gender and race, Leila also pushes the importance of accepting people from different religions, of different sexualities, socio-economic backgrounds and many other factors. Leila is also the presenter of the Diverse & Inclusive Leaders podcast and has authored the book Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging.

Sitting at the helm of The McKenzie-Delis Foundation, Leila has also launched the McKenzie-Delis Review. A pioneering report, the McKenzie-Delis Review looked into the diversity and inclusion present in the UK workplace and workforce, continuing Leila’s mission to increase diversity, belonging and inclusion. Leila has been passionate about inclusion her whole life, originally born in Hong Kong and adopted by her British parents. Leila was academically talented but later found that she struggled to access graduate jobs. Determined to create her own path, Leila forged a respected career as an Executive Search expert and has also founded Leila McKenzie Associates Limited.

Now often booked as a diversity and inclusion speaker for events, Leila shares steps of actionable change in inclusion, diversity and equality. She encourages people to stand up for what is right, raising awareness, tolerance and support for underrepresented communities. Having previously spoken for the likes of Britvic, KPMG and Verizon Media, Leila McKenzie-Delis is a leading authority on diversity, inclusion and belonging and a perfect speaker for events themed around such topics.

Official Testimonials

Leila McKenzie-Delis is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“Leila very kindly stepped in at the 11th hour to support our International Women’s Day Conference after we reached out to the IOD. She is passionate, driven and a keen desire to help others. She reached out to her network and together with another fantastic speaker co-hosted a masterclass on “Building and sustaining a diverse and inclusive culture in the boardroom”. Not only that but Leila raced back from an early London meeting to get back to Chester to make sure she was there too. She has been incredibly supportive and I’m so pleased we have connected”

Sandra, Founder of The Women Leaders Association

“Leila has amazing energy and is really good at helping people and organisations achieve their ambitions. A real giver to the world and great to work with.”

John, Chief Executive of Winmark

“I would recommend Leila as someone who always gives 100%. She brings a high energy and competent service with her passionate and vibrant personality. Leila’s strengths lie in her ability to build relationships and her driven personality…”

Claire, Chief Compliance Officer, Kinetica

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