Leanne Maskell

Founder of ADHD Works, Certified ADHD Coach, & Author of the best-selling book ‘ADHD: an A to Z’

  • Author of ‘The Model Manifesto’
  • Former Public Law Advisor for the Law Society
  • Played a crucial role in enforcing the Mental Health Act in 1983
  • Model for organisations such as ASOS, Urban Outfitters, and i-D Magazine

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ADHD an A-Z: Figuring it Out Step by Step
ADHD an A-Z: Figuring it Out Step by Step
The Reality Manifesto: An A-Z anti-exploitation manual for social media, mental health, & body image
The Model Manifesto: An A-Z anti-exploitation manual for the fashion industry

When Leanne Maskell is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Embracing Your ADHD
Accessing Your ADHD Superpowers
Overcoming ADHD Challenges
Don’t Just Survive, Thrive!
Next Steps

Leanne Maskell is internationally acclaimed as the proud Founder of ADHD Works. A respected activist who is positively changing the lives of people affected by ADHD, she has become a certified ADHD Coach and aims to share her specialist knowledge and experiences with audiences globally. Also the popular author of ‘ADHD: an A to Z’ and ‘The Model Manifesto’, Leanne’s work is empowering people to feel empowered within the workplace and throughout society. A treasured figure in the industry, she has gained the opportunity to model for the likes of Vogue and is showcasing that ADHD does not need to limit you in achieving your goals. When looking to hire an empowering female speaker to attend your future events, look no further than Leanne today.

Beginning her modelling career at the age of 13, Leanne went on to gain great success throughout the industry and worked for large-scale organisations such as ASOS, Urban Outfitters, and i-D Magazine. A popular model in her teenage years, she appeared in the likes of Vogue but decided that this would not become her forever career. Passionate to implement positive change throughout the industry, Leanne studied Law at Queen Mary University and secured her first professional role as a Legal Taxonomist for Lexis Nexis in 2015. Determined to raise awareness of the lack of enforced regulations throughout the modelling industry, she became a Public Law Advisor for the Law Society and played a crucial role in enforcing the Mental Health Act in 1983. Alongside her law career, she also released the best-selling publication ‘The Model Manifesto’, which focuses on the financial, physical, and emotional exploitation of models.

After gaining a late diagnosis of ADHD in her adulthood, Leanne decided that the neurodiverse community deserved more recognition throughout society and became the proud Founder of ADHD Works. As a certified ADHD Coach, she aims to empower others with ADHD to make ADHD work for them and provide the best quality of support to the community. Passionate to share her specialist insights with audiences globally, Leanne has also released the best-selling book ‘ADHD: an A to Z’ which guides audiences on how to navigate the complicated world of ADHD. Providing life-changing courses to clients, she is empowering audiences to take control of their lives, both physically and mentally.

A leading authority in her field, Leanne Maskell is now highly sought-after to attend speaking engagements internationally. Recognising that there has been a 400% increase in adults seeking ADHD assessments, her expertise and specialist experience have become greatly valued throughout the industry over recent years. When looking to hire an informative ADHD and neurodiversity speaker to attend your next event, do not hesitate in hiring Leanne today.

Official Testimonials

Leanne Maskell is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“I worked with Leanne at the Law Society. During her time here, she took a very proactive approach, frequently coming up with new ideas for how to achieve our goals. She very quickly grasped numerous complex issues, analysed them thoroughly, and provided clear advice on policy positions to take. Her written work was excellent, well drafted, free of typos and spelling errors, appropriately formatted. She understood what needed to be achieved, and always worked very hard to achieve it. She was always very friendly and helpful, and was a highly valued member of the team.”

Richard, Head of Justice at The Law Society of England and Wales

“Leanne came in to speak at Yahoo about Understanding, Supporting and harnessing ADHD at work and I can not recommend Leanne highly enough. She kept everyone engaged throughout the event and her talk resonated with so many people. Leanne is a brilliant speaker and her expertise and knowledge is second to none. She is an amazing ADHD coach and a fantastic speaker.”

Irene, Autistic & ADHD

“I highly recommend Leanna for ADHD presentations. The members of my organisation appreciated her presentation on the tips and recommendations for ADHD management. They especially loved that she was approachable and down to earth.”

Vikoriia, Founder of the Neurodivergent Society

“I think people enjoyed how ‘real’ Leanne was and it was nice to have someone less ‘corporate’ speaking for a change. They said she was very engaging and natural, and also very knowledgeable in the subject, which definitely helped a lot of people who attended. I know a few people reached out to her separately afterwards.”

Deutsche Bank

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