Leah Chowdhury

First British Asian Woman to Swim Across the English Channel & Author of "Making a Splash!"

  • Recipient of a British Citizenship Medal
  • CEO of Pop up, Party & Play
  • Chief Operating Officer at Pathway CTM
  • Former Director of Operations at Emperia
  • Named Most Inspirational Young Person by the Asian Voice Charity Awards

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Making a Splash!
Making a Splash!

When Leah Chowdhury is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Overcoming Fear & Daring Greatly
Creating an Unshakeable Mindset
FAIL = First Attempt in Learning
How Your Diversity is Really Your Superpower
Dealing with Setbacks
Living a Life with Courage and Confidence
Using Imposter Syndrome to Your Advantage

Leah Chowdhury is a paragon of diversity and inclusion, resilience, and overcoming adversity, as reflected in her exceptional career and achievements. From being the first British Asian woman to swim across the English Channel to her role as Chief Operating Officer at Pathway CTM, Leah exemplifies determination and leadership. Her journey is highlighted by her dynamic roles across industries—from leading her startup, as CEO of Pop up, Party & Play, to her strategic involvements in high-profile companies like Emperia and Carl Capital. Leah’s eloquent speaking engagements, such as those at the University of Oxford and The Supreme Court’s International Women’s Day Roundtable, underscore her profound impact on discussing crucial societal themes.

Her inspiring story began with her historic swim across the English Channel in 2018, a feat that not only set records but also raised significant funds for charity. Leah’s book, “Making a Splash!”, extends her influence by motivating the younger generation to embrace challenges with courage and self-belief. Her personal narrative is a testament to her commitment to pushing boundaries and her ability to thrive in the face of adversity—qualities that resonate deeply in her talks on mental resilience.

In her corporate roles, Leah has consistently driven success and innovation. As Director of Operations at Emperia and later as CEO at Carl Capital, she demonstrated her adeptness in business management and operations. Her consultancy work through LRC Consultancy further highlights her expertise in advising businesses on growth and scale strategies. Leah’s engagements at prestigious forums, including the House of Commons’ Empowered Voices event, reflect her thought leadership and her dedication to fostering inclusive and supportive workplaces.

Leah Chowdhury’s accolades, such as the British Citizenship Medal and the recognition as Most Inspirational Young Person by by the Asian Voice Charity Awards , illustrate her exemplary influence and commitment to societal betterment. As a keynote speaker, Leah captivates her audience with her insightful perspectives on diversity and inclusion, the importance of mental resilience, and the power of overcoming obstacles. Her remarkable journey and multifaceted experiences make her a sought-after voice at events focused on empowerment, resilience, and transformative leadership.

Official Testimonials

Leah Chowdhury is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“I had the privilege of booking and hearing Leah speak at Inspirefest, and her story of swimming the English Channel was truly inspiring. Her determination, resilience, and passion for achieving her goals are remarkable. Leah’s achievements left a lasting impression on our audience and reminded us of the power of setting and pursuing ambitious dreams. She is not only a skilled swimmer but also a captivating storyteller, and I highly recommend her as a speaker to inspire any audience. Thank you, Leah, for sharing your incredible journey with us!”

 Rupinder, Founder, Asian Women Mean Business

“Leah is an extraordinary and inspiring speaker who captivated and motivated my entire team with her insightful talks on mindset and motivation. She serves as a remarkable role model, particularly for the aspiring women in our organisation, demonstrating resilience and achievement. I wholeheartedly recommend her; she left a lasting impact on our team and contributed greatly to our collective inspiration and growth.”

Rita, CEO, Savran

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