Kenisha Arora

Co-Founder of HopeSisters, UNESCO Youth Representative for Europe & North America & Named in London's Top 20 in their 20s by London Magazine

  • Educational Consultant for UNICEF
  • Youth Ambassador for Plan International Canada
  • Senator and the Chair of the Student Senate at Western University
  • Produced the popular TV show ‘Let’s Talk Politics’

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STEM Education

Kenisha Arora stands out not just as an ambitious medical student at Western University in Canada but as a beacon of hope, positivity, and resilience. With dreams of becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon, Kenisha has extended her reach beyond the medical realm into the spheres of diversity and inclusion. Amidst the pandemic’s challenges, she spearheaded Project HopeBags alongside her sister, an initiative aimed at bringing laughter and cherished experiences back into the lives of children in foster care. Transforming from a mere project into a registered non-profit organisation, HopeSisters, with over 5000 HopeSpreaders, has made notable strides in uplifting society’s vulnerable members. Recognitions such as the Princess Diana Award and endorsements from global giants like Google, the UN, and the Gates Foundation highlight the profound impact of Kenisha’s philanthropic efforts.

Kenisha’s dedication to change-making is evident in her leadership roles within her academic community. Elected as a Senator and the Chair of the Student Senate at Western University, she has been pivotal in shaping and amending the institution’s Academic Policy. Collaborating closely with university deans, Kenisha played a significant role in formulating the University’s Strategic Plan, emphasising sustainability across research, teaching, and campus life. Her efforts were instrumental in the university securing its place amongst the top three universities in the Times Higher Education Ranking for Global Impact and Sustainability.

However, Kenisha’s influence extends even beyond the university’s boundaries. As a School Board Trustee in the Toronto Area, she identified period poverty as a glaring issue plaguing educational institutions, even in developed countries. Addressing the challenge head-on, she championed the cause of providing free menstrual hygiene products in school washrooms, leading to a province-wide change and investment from the Minister of Education. This initiative not only showcased her ability to effect meaningful change but emphasised her dedication to fostering diversity and inclusion.

Kenisha’s unwavering passion for understanding societal mechanisms and the dynamics of government led her to bridge the gap between youth and politics. She produced ‘Let’s Talk Politics’, a TV show that served as a platform to educate the younger generation about the nuances of the political realm. Furthermore, in her role as UNESCO’s elected Youth Representative for North America and Europe, Kenisha’s endeavours in the global educational sector have been transformative. Spearheading networks, developing policy reports, and championing the cause of quality education for all young people, Kenisha Arora truly embodies the essence of a diversity and inclusion keynote speaker.

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