Jamie McAnsh

Adaptive Athlete & Adventurer

  • First disabled squash player to play in the Welsh Open Tournament
  • 2017 Greatest Achievement Award winner
  • First winner of the Charles Holland Award in 2016
  • First wheelchair user to complete the WAAT4 Challenge

When Jamie McAnsh is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Diversity & Inclusion
Anxiety & Depression
Overcoming Adversity
Adapting & Growing Resilience
The Route to Success

Jamie McAnsh is an inspirational adaptive athlete, whose life was turned around after he awoke one morning to be completely paralysed from the waist down. After receiving a diagnosis of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Jamie has not let his diagnosis hold him back from achieving all he wants. Now using a wheelchair in his day to day life, Jamie has completed several gruelling extreme challenges and is now booked as a speaker to share how he has overcome adversity and to raise awareness of disabilities.

In January 2014, Jamie’s life changed for the foreseeable after waking paralysed. Since that day, Jamie has shown incredible mental resilience, battling through anxiety and depression. Since 2014, Jamie has begun taking part in extreme challenges, including hand-cycling 100 miles in only 13 hours. He also became the first wheelchair user to complete the WAAT4 challenge, completing 30k over the Brecon Beacon mountain range, and raised £250,000 for charity.

Outside of such challenges, Jamie has also been capped in rugby for Wales and become the first disabled squash player to compete in the Welsh Open Masters Tournament.  A pioneer of disability sports, Jamie has also become a member of the Board of Directors of Squash Wales and passionately advocates for equality and disability at the governance level in sport. Highly commended for his resilience and bravery, Jamie has also been the recipient of the 2017 Greatest Achievement Award and the first recipient of the Charles Holland Award in 2016.

Whether he be hand-cycling 100 miles or climbing mountains, Jamie is a truly inspirational individual and a perfect addition to events as a diversity and inclusion speaker. Focussing on topics such as diversity, inclusion, anxiety, depression, goal setting and overcoming adversity, Jamie is proof that despite being disabled the incredible is still achievable. A passionate advocate for equality in sports and life in general, book Jamie McAnsh to promote diversity and inclusion at your next event.

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