Georg Fraberger

Clinical and Health Psychologist at the General Hospital Vienna Medical University

  • Author of “Loving Successfully”, “How Do I Get to Be My True Self and Who Am I”,  and “Reading Your Mind”
  • Lecturer at Webster University, WU and the University of Vienna

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Loving Successfully
Loving Successfully

Georg Fraberger is not just another psychologist or keynote speaker; he is an epitome of resilience and perseverance. As a Clinical and Health Psychologist at the General Hospital Vienna Medical University – one of Europe’s preeminent medical institutions – Georg’s journey stands out as an exceptional testament to the indomitable spirit of humanity. His story, however, takes an even more awe-inspiring turn when one realizes that he was born without limbs. Instead of allowing this to confine him, Georg used it as a touchstone for his life’s work, understanding that the essence of a person is not bound by their physical constraints but by the boundless expanse of their soul.

His profound realisation that the soul is the cornerstone of one’s harmony has led him on a dedicated mission: to share this wisdom with the world. Georg’s comprehensive education in Clinical Psychology from the University of Vienna equipped him with the tools to support countless individuals as they navigate the complexities of life. From providing diagnostics to therapeutic consultations for a range of mental and psychosomatic illnesses, he extends a guiding hand to those grappling with relational issues, career challenges, decision-making dilemmas, and the harsh trials of chronic pain and diseases.

In addition to his role as a healer, Georg is an esteemed academic, imparting knowledge as a Lecturer at esteemed institutions like Webster University, WU, and the University of Vienna. His intellectual pursuits are not confined to the classroom, either. Through his literary contributions, including titles like “Loving Successfully” and “How Much Body Does a Human Need”, he delves deep into the core aspects of human existence. He contemplates the intricate dance between luck and effort, unravels the mysteries of human nature, and ignites motivation. With profound reflections on the essence of humanity, the origins of happiness, and the pathways to finding it, Georg’s writings have become beacons of enlightenment for many.

As a speaker, his charisma and poignant insights have garnered him invitations to esteemed platforms, such as the Austrian Economic Chamber and the Federal Ministry for Education and Women. It’s no hyperbole to say that Georg is a transformative presence on any stage. He radiates the belief that life is about unleashing the soul’s potential and discovering true happiness. His very existence is a testament to the transformative power of a revamped mindset. Anyone privileged enough to hear him speak or collaborate with him at an event is bound to be deeply moved and inspired. In a world where adversity often derails aspirations, Georg Fraberger emerges as a beacon of hope and a living example of triumph over trials. Booking him for an event is not just about securing a speaker; it’s about introducing your audience to a new dimension of thinking and a redefined perspective on life.

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