Genelle Aldred

Director of Communications for The Pipeline, Founder & Communications Strategist of Genelle Aldred Consultancy

  • Newspaper Reviewer for Sky News
  • Deputy Chair of Women in Journalism
  • Ambassador of Sands – Stillbirth & Neonatal Death Charity
  • Former Newsreader for ITN
  • Former Head of Digital Strategy for Tearfund
  • Former Presenter & Journalist for ITV

Genelle Aldred has enjoyed a successful career in media and journalism, having worked for over 13 years in the media industry for companies including ITN, ITV and the BBC. Currently, she is the Communications Director of The Pipeline and a Communications Strategist for the Genelle Aldred Consultancy, as well as delivering a range of speeches as a public speaker. Developing cutting edge communications strategies, Genelle is also a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion, smashing through glass ceilings as an empowering woman. When booked as a speaker, Genelle emphasises the importance of inclusion and covers how to embed diverse talent in the workplace.

Back in 2007, Genelle was appointed in her first major journalism role, acting as a Presenter and Broadcast Journalist for the BBC. Initially starting at the company with two weeks of work experience, Genelle later became a news presenter and weather presenter, as well as introducing social media and building engagements with the public. Building her expertise over the years with roles such as Freelance Broadcast Journalist for ITN Productions and Freelance Video Editor for MailOnline, Genelle founded the Genelle Aldred Consultancy – a corporate communication consultancy.

Other prominent roles of Genelle’s include being a Presenter & Journalist for ITV, the Head of Digital Strategy for Tearfund, Channel Manager of TBNUK and Newsreader for ITN. Now, Genelle is the Ambassador of Sands – the Stillbirth and Neonatal Death charity. In this role, Genelle is championing awareness of how Black and BAME mothers are three times more likely to have a stillbirth and how class affects healthcare. She is also a passionate advocate of diversity and inclusion, sharing her thoughts on how you can include diverse talent in monoculture teams and explaining the difference between diversity, inclusion and equity across her social media platforms.

A leading journalist and presenter, Genelle is now a popular speaker for a range of diversity and inclusion events. Sharing her passions to create a more inclusive world, Genelle is a true role model of female empowerment. As an Ambassador of Sands, Genelle is raising awareness of women’s health and ending the stigma surrounding baby and infant loss. She is also the Deputy Chair of Women in Journalism, representing female journalists from diverse social and ethnic backgrounds. Having formerly spoken for the likes of HSBC, the NHS, Sky News, Newsnight and CBC, Genelle is a seasoned speaker. When looking for a passionate advocate of diversity and inclusion and champion of female empowerment to speak at your next event, book Genelle Aldred today.

To enquire about Genelle Aldred for your event or corporate function, simply contact us via or call a booking agent on 0203 9816 297.