Fawzia Koofi

Human Rights Activist & Author of "The Favoured Daughter"

  • Ventured into politics with the Back to School Campaign
  • First female Deputy Speaker in the Afghan Parliament
  • Child Protection Officer for UNICEF
  • Author of “Letters to My Daughter”
  • First Vice President of the National Assembly in Afghanistan

Discover Fawzia Koofi’s biography of published work below.

The Favoured Daughter
Letters to My Daughter

Fawzia Koofi has been at the forefront of advocating for women’s rights and education in Afghanistan for more than two decades. As a distinguished women’s rights activist and politician, she made history by becoming the first female Deputy Speaker in the Afghan Parliament. Her initial venture into politics with the ‘Back to School’ campaign, aimed at securing educational rights for Afghan women, marked the beginning of a lifelong dedication to fighting for gender equality. Transitioning into a role as a Child Protection Officer for UNICEF, Fawzia has tirelessly worked to highlight the daily struggles and abuses faced by countless Afghan women, serving as a powerful voice for those silenced within her country.

The publication of her New York Times Bestselling books, “The Favoured Daughter” and “Letters to My Daughter,” has provided a profound insight into the experiences of Afghan women, underscoring Fawzia’s literary prowess and her ability to connect with a global audience. Through her political career and as a representative of Afghanistan, she has steadfastly advocated for the equal rights and safety of women and girls, addressing international bodies such as the UNHRC in 2022 to spotlight the injustices women face under Taliban rule. Fawzia’s role in the 2020 peace negotiation team against the Taliban further exemplifies her commitment to seeking justice and equality for Afghan women.

Throughout her career, Fawzia Koofi has exhibited unwavering courage and resilience, continuously advocating for justice in the face of significant risk and adversity. Her extensive contributions to international media, including opinion pieces for esteemed publications such as The New York Times and Financial Times, reflect her influential stance on global women’s rights issues. Fawzia’s tenure as the first Vice President of the National Assembly in Afghanistan symbolizes her remarkable achievements and the hope she embodies for women and children across her nation.

Now available as a keynote speaker for events related to geopolitics and international relations, Fawzia Koofi offers invaluable insights into the challenges of fostering diversity, inclusion, and women’s leadership on a global scale. Hiring Fawzia Koofi ensures access to a powerful narrative filled with perseverance, leadership, and an unyielding commitment to women’s rights, making her an exemplary figure for discussions on these vital topics. Her journey from a local activist to a global advocate for gender equality serves as an inspiring testament to the impact of dedicated leadership in the quest for a more equitable world.

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