Ellie Middleton

Founder of (un)masked & popular neurodivergence speaker disgnosed with ADHD & autism

  • TEDxShoreditch speaker: ‘Why an autism diagnosis is an invitation to finally be yourself’
  • Nominated as the Positive Disability Role Model for The National Diversity Awards
  • Author of ‘unmasked: the ultimate guide to ADHD, autism and neurodivergence’

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Ellie Middleton
unmasked: the ultimate guide to ADHD, autism and neurodivergence

Ellie Middleton is fast becoming one of the leading voices on neurodiversity with over 200,000 followers on LinkedIn and 23,000 plus followers on Instagram. She has shared her expertise on the TEDx stage with her talkWhy an autism diagnosis is an invitation to finally be yourself’. Having been diagnosed with ADHD and autism at the age of 24, Ellie is all too aware of how lost you can feel without a diagnosis, and a reason as to why you are different. As a seasoned speaker, Ellie helps others in their journey when being diagnosed with ADHD and autism, and shares how companies can best accommodate for neurodivergents to ensure they can thrive within their working environment.

Growing up, Ellie always felt she was different to those around her but she was never given a reason. She was often labelled a bitch and self-obsessed because she was more straight-talking and monotoned. In reality, Ellie was just misunderstood, she sees the world differently and operates in a different way to those around her. She says she is a Mac in a world where everyone is a Windows; Ellie was never broken, she just does not operate the same as others. Upon her diagnosis, she had to unlearn all of the negative things she had been repeatedly told, and learnt how to operate on her own terms. Once Ellie started to forgive herself, she began to thrive in her environment. After a series of corporate jobs Ellie found her true purpose and is Content Strategist for Great Influence.

In 2021 Ellie founded (un)masked to help and support others in their journey of a diagnosis. She has provided a safe space for everyone who is neurodivergent to discover, connect and thrive. In recognition of her hard work, Ellie was nominated as the Positive Disability Role Model for The National Diversity Awards. She has expanded her reach to others who are neurodivergent as the published author of the bookunmasked: the ultimate guide to ADHD, autism and neurodivergence’. Ellie says finally getting her diagnosis was the best thing that ever happened to her and is now devoted to helping others discover the answers they need.

Ellie uses her experiences in her eloquent speeches to share how going undiagnosed for the first 24 years of her life affected her ability to love and accept herself. She teaches others how to cope with being over-stimulated by their surroundings and shares how corporates can help create an environment which enriches those who are neurodivergent. Fast becoming one of the go-to names when delivering a speech on neurodiversity, Ellie has worked with leading brands such as LinkedIn, The Independent and Google. Do not miss your chance to hear from the incredible Ellie Middleton as she shares how being neurodivergent can be a blessing in disguise.

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