Ellie Goldstein

Author of "Against All Odds" & First Supermodel with Down's Syndrome

  • Author of children’s book, “Ellie,” published in 2024
  • Star of Gucci’s Unconventional Beauty Campaign
  • Ambassador for Mattel’s first Barbie Doll with Down’s Syndrome
  • Won Glamour’s Women of the Year Gamechanging Model award

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Against All Odds
Against All Odds

Ellie Goldstein has built a legacy that resonates with defying stereotypes and breaking barriers. As the first supermodel with Down’s Syndrome to grace the pages of magazines such as Vogue, Glamour, and Elle, Ellie has become a powerful symbol of inclusion in the fashion industry. Her children’s book, “Ellie,” published in 2024, aims to teach children that they are not defined by their differences or disabilities. With her warm personality and dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion, Ellie is a sought-after keynote speaker, inspiring audiences with her remarkable journey and unwavering spirit.

Ellie’s parents were initially shocked by her Down’s Syndrome diagnosis and the bleak prognoses from doctors about her future capabilities. Defying these early predictions, Ellie has not only learned to walk and speak but has also achieved her dream of becoming a supermodel. Growing up, Ellie was acutely aware of the lack of representation for people like her. Today, she is changing this narrative, helping countless individuals feel seen and valued. She continued to make waves with the release of her book, “Against All Odds,” in 2023. This inspirational work, part of Katie Piper OBE’s UnSeen series, showcases Ellie’s resilience and determination, offering a powerful message of hope and perseverance. Through her writing and public appearances, Ellie exemplifies how people can overcome adversity with the support of family, community, and their own tenacity.

Ellie’s career is a series of groundbreaking achievements. In 2018, she starred in Superdrug’s Christmas advertisement, marking a significant milestone in her career. Her role as the star of Gucci’s Unconventional Beauty Campaign in 2020 catapulted her to fame, leading to her historic appearance on the cover of Vogue. Her role as the Ambassador for Mattel’s first Barbie Doll with Down’s Syndrome, launched in 2023, is a testament to her influence in raising awareness and fostering acceptance. In 2021, Ellie’s contributions to the fashion industry were recognised when she won Glamour’s Women of the Year Gamechanging Model award.

Ellie’s advocacy for diversity, inclusion, and disabled representation has earned her widespread acclaim. She has collaborated with major brands like Adidas and Victoria’s Secret, further amplifying her impact. Now, as a keynote speaker, Ellie brings her unique perspective to a variety of events, speaking on the importance of diversity and inclusion, equitable treatment, and the power of representation. Hiring Ellie Goldstein guarantees an engaging and inspiring experience, filled with wisdom and positivity, leaving audiences motivated to embrace inclusivity in all aspects of life.

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