Elizabeth Joseph

Menopause and Wellbeing Expert

  • Perimenopause advocate, breaking taboos surrounding the subject
  • Frequent podcast guest who dispells menopause misconceptions
  • Empowers women’s midlife reinvention

When Elizabeth Joseph is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Women’s Health and Wellbeing
Women’s Mental health

Elizabeth Joseph is a name that resonates with women seeking inspiration and guidance during their midlife journey. As a highly respected midlife influencer, freelance writer, and classic model, Elizabeth has dedicated her career to shattering the taboos surrounding perimenopause and menopause, helping women embrace their second act as the best part of their lives. Her role as a female inspirational and mental health and wellbeing keynote speaker has made a significant impact on countless lives.

One of Elizabeth’s primary focuses is addressing the often-overlooked topic of perimenopause. While menopause itself is a widely discussed subject, the transition leading up to it, which lasts about four years, remains in the shadows. Elizabeth recognises the importance of understanding this transitional phase in a woman’s life. She tirelessly works to educate women and society as a whole about various aspects of women’s health. Elizabeth acknowledges that perimenopause can affect every aspect of a woman’s life, from her physical well-being to her mental and emotional state. Through her own experiences, she offers a comforting and relatable perspective, reassuring women that they are not alone on this journey of change.

As an advocate for challenging stereotypes and fostering open conversations, Elizabeth Joseph has made notable appearances on platforms such as the popular podcast, The Menopause Mindset. Her guest spots on this show have allowed her to dispel common misconceptions about menopause and share her expertise with a broad audience. Elizabeth creates a judgment-free space for the community to express their concerns and seek guidance. With years of industry experience, she imparts valuable advice and support to women worldwide, empowering them to navigate this transformative phase with confidence and grace.

Elizabeth’s dedication to addressing the unspoken challenges of menopause is evident in her numerous podcasts and articles. She sheds light on the fact that both perimenopause and menopause often come unexpectedly for women, leaving them ill-prepared for the changes ahead. Drawing from her own journey, Elizabeth shares natural approaches to help women navigate this process as smoothly as possible. Her wisdom and insights have made her a sought-after speaker, leaving a profound impact on women who seek her guidance. In the world of inspirational and mental health and wellbeing keynote speakers, Elizabeth stands as a beacon of hope and understanding. Her mission to break the silence around perimenopause and menopause has paved the way for countless women to embrace their midlife with resilience and optimism. Elizabeth Joseph’s words resonate deeply, reminding women that their second act can indeed be their best, filled with possibilities and renewed vitality.

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