Dan Harris

Director at Deloitte & Founder & CEO of Neurodiversity in Business

  • Volunteer Legal Supporter for Parents with Children with Disabilities

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Neuro Inclusion Now
Neurodiversity at Work
Neurodiversity in Business

Dan Harris stands out as a beacon of knowledge and advocacy in the corporate industry, particularly known for his influential role as the Director at Deloitte UK. With an industry tenure spanning over two decades, Dan’s journey is peppered with vast experiences and deep insights gleaned from his extensive career in the corporate sector. His dedication to enhancing the involvement of neurodivergent individuals in professional environments is not just a passion but a mission, evident in his compelling keynote addresses that encompass crucial themes like neuro inclusion and the significance of neurodiversity in business. For those seeking a keynote speaker who speaks with conviction and authority on neurodiversity, Dan Harris is the ideal candidate.

Following his academic achievements, including an MSc in Information Systems from The London School of Economics and Political Science, Dan embarked on his illustrious career at Deloitte. His more than 21 years in the Risk Advisory team have seen him cultivate a set of skills that are not only exceptional but also widely respected throughout the professional realm. In his current role as Director at Deloitte, he captains a robust team of 23 professionals spread across three different offices, a testament to his effective leadership and the high esteem in which he is held within the industry.

However, Dan’s commitment extends beyond the corridors of Deloitte. He is the visionary Founder and CEO of Neurodiversity in Business, a pioneering organisation dedicated to amplifying the role of neurodivergent individuals in professional settings. Furthermore, his altruism shines in his volunteer work, providing legal support to families of disabled children. Through these endeavours, Dan utilises his unique expertise for the betterment of others, solidifying his status as a venerated figure in the corporate world.

Today, as a leading authority in his domain, Dan Harris’s insights are in demand on the global stage. He zeroes in on pivotal issues, including the integration of neurodiversity in workplaces and the urgency of neuro inclusion, offering invaluable knowledge to professionals and attendees at various corporate gatherings, workshops, and educational forums. His prowess as a speaker is undeniable, combining experiential wisdom with a palpable passion for the subject matter. For any organisation or event planner seeking a seasoned, knowledgeable, and impactful speaker on the subject of neurodiversity, Dan Harris is indisputably a top consideration.

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