Catherine Mayer

Co-founder and President of the Women's Equality Party, Author of Amortality: The Pleasures of Living Agelessly and Attack of the 50 Ft Women

  • Co-founder and President of the Women’s Equality Party
  • TEDx speaker- We Should All Be Hags
  • Co-founder of the Primadonna Festival
  • The Sunday Times Top Ten Bestseller- Charles: The Heart of a King/ Born to Be King
  • Author of the memoir Good Grief

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Amortality Catherine Mayer
Amortality: The Pleasures and Perils of Living Agelessly
Attack of the 50 Ft Women Catherine Mayer
Attack of the 50 Ft Women
Born to Be King Catherine Mayer
Born to Be King: Prince Charles on Planet Windsor

Inspirational diversity and inclusion speaker, Catherine Mayer is best known as the co-founder of the Women’s Equality Party, a political party committed to achieving equality for women. Catherine is also a hugely successful and influential journalist who has worked for a whole host of high-profile outlets including Time, Focus and The Economist and has also authored several of her own books.

Alongside comedian and TV star Sandi Toksvig, Catherine founded the Women’s Equality Party in 2015. The party’s core objectives include equal pay, equal representation, equal education, shared opportunities and putting an end to violence against women. In 2019 the party won its first seat in local elections and Catherine also stood as a lead candidate for the party in the 2019 European Elections in London.

Born in the USA before moving to the UK as a child, Catherine went on to have a hugely successful career as a journalist. During this time she served in a number of senior roles for Time including Editor at Large, Europe Editor and Senior Editor. Catherine has also written a number of successful books including Attack of the 50ft Women which looks at gender equality, or the lack of it, in society with case studies covering a number of countries in the world.

In 2019 she co-founded the Primadonna Festival, an event that gives prominence to female musicians, comedians and writers helping to offer a platform to new voices across the country. Having performed diversity and inclusion speaking for the likes of TED she is well versed at explaining her point of view to audiences. During her events, Catherine passionately and assuredly explains the importance of gender equality, the progress we’ve made so far and the gaps we still need to bridge.

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