Araceli Camargo

Lab Director at The Centrica Lab & Cognitive Neuroscientist

  • Lab Director at The Centrica Lab
  • Achieved a Masters in Cognitive Neuroscience at King’s College London
  • Founded the Neuroscience London Meet Up
  • Co-Produced the Conscience Cities Conference

When Araceli Camargo is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

How Is Technology Changing The Way We Think?
Cognitive Flexibility & Problem Solving
Cognitive Elements Needed In The 21st Century
The Future Of The Workforce

Cognitive neuroscientist, Araceli Camargo is an expert in human behaviour, in particular how individuals interact with urban environments and the impact of the environment on mental health. A former researcher in the field of neurodiversity, Araceli combines her academic experiences with professional success to transform audiences’ understanding as a speaker. Able to explore such topics as cognitive flexibility, technology’s impact on thinking and supporting neurodiversity in the workplace, Araceli is a truly valuable speaker for corporate clients.

As the current Lab Director of The Centric Lab, Araceli is responsible for pioneering new research into the effects of the environment on mentality and works towards implementing policies and public health strategies that support long term health. Having been the leader of the lab since 2016, Araceli has gained a reputation for her expertise in the field. Working in partnership with University College London, and a team from under-represented communities, Araceli is utilising her position to champion research into factors affecting diverse backgrounds.

Outside of her lab commitments, Araceli is the Founder of Neuroscience London Meet Up and has Co-Produced the Conscience Cities Conference, making her the ideal addition to industry events. Araceli also has extensive academic backing from her undergraduate degree and subsequent Masters in Cognitive Neuroscience which she achieved at King’s College London. For her Masters, Araceli explored the attention differences between those with Autism Spectrum Disorder and those without, allowing her to further discuss the complexities of supporting neurodiversity at events.

As a speaker, Araceli has spoken to global audiences at over 50 events on a variety of topics, relating her expertise in neuroscience to a corporate setting and advising audiences on how science can aid brand communications. Additionally, Araceli draws on her knowledge of neurodiversity to educate businesses on supporting neurodiverse employees in the workplace, a truly insightful speaker.

To enquire about Araceli Camargo for your event or corporate function, simply contact us via or call a booking agent on 0203 9816 297.