Aquayemi-Claude Garnett

Neurodiverse speaker, author and campaigner, member of the The Queens Commonwealth Trust

  • Member of the The Queens Commonwealth Trust
  • Youth Delegate & Speaker for Bridging The Gap Ventures
  • Campaigner for the Claude SEN Law

When Aquayemi-Claude Garnett is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Claude SEN Law
Living with Neurodiversity
SEN Education System

Aquayemi-Claude Garnett is an author and campaigner and neurodiversity speaker. His campaigns around neurodiversity stem from his own personal experience growing up as a neurodiverse student. He is deeply focused on the UK education system and the national curriculum – he is an advocate for change in the regard to the support made available for children in the education system with different disabilities.

Aquayemi-Claude has dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia and autism, he suffers from a range of neurodiverse conditions, meaning he requires support to aid him in learning. Claude has first-hand experience in living with these conditions.

Aquayemi-Claude is an author having self-published “The Truth Behind Self Isolation and this Crazy Climate of Lockdown”. The book details the journey of an individual going through the SEN educational system in the UK and the challenges faced. Aquayemi-Claude is an ambassador for several organisations focused on improving the lives of young people, the environment and education. He is a Youth Delegate & Speaker for Bridging The Gap Ventures, an organisation centred on young change-makers within top industries. He is also a member of The Queens Commonwealth Trust which is an organisation supporting young leaders with funding and practical advice.

In 2021 Claude was featured on BBC News, on his campaign to make SEN placements available to neurodiverse young adults. According to the reports, there has been a significant shortfall in the support given to young people at post 16 stages significantly affecting employment opportunities. With specialist schools being closed and funding decreasing Claude continues to campaign to support those with hidden disabilities and learning and behaviour differences. Claude hopes to pass the ‘Claude SEN Law’ which invites the government to investigate the curriculums approach to Special Educational Needs and also the wider educational and employment opportunities. When booked as a speaker Claude speaks about his experience as a neurodiverse student and the support available for SEN students.

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