Alexander Leon

Account Director of Intent Health, Linkedin Changemaker, Communications & Campaigns Co-Ordinator of the Kaleidoscope Trust

  • Former Programme Co-Ordinator for the Kaleidoscope Trust
  • Former Junior Consultant, Business Support Administrator & Communications Assistant for the Open Data Institute
  • Campaigner on LGBT+ Rights & Anti-Racism

Alexander Leon is a passionate advocate for LGBT+ rights and anti-racism, on a mission to embed intersectionality into diversity and inclusion policies across the UK. Educating and inspiring future generations, Alexander currently works as the Account Director of Intent Health and has been named as a Linkedin Changemaker. When booked to speak at diversity and inclusion events, Alexander shares his personal experiences of racism, sensitising audiences to prominent issues and encouraging a more intersectional and inclusive society.

An Australian LGBTQ+ activist, Alexander works as the Communications & Campaigns Co-Ordinator for the Kaleidoscope Trust, an LGBT+ charity dedicated to creating a world that is both safe and equal for LGBT+ people. With former roles as a Junior Consultant, Communications Assistant and Business Support Administrator for the Open Data Institute, Alexander has established a strong career in communications, which he utilises to spread awareness of the discrimination that continues to be prevalent in society. Travelling across the globe, Alexander works closely with countries where LGBTQ+ people are prosecuted for their identity, changing the world for the better.

On his first visit to London, Alexander was hoping for an inclusive experience but was unfortunately met with racism in an LGBT+ club. After that experience, Alexander was passionate to increase inclusivity in the UK, by teaching people about anti-racism allyship and how colonialism has affected LGBT+ rights. Pushing for more LGBTQ+ history to be taught in schools, Alexander is hoping that the inclusion of such education will create a more inclusive and intersectional upbringing for future generations. Also raising awareness of how different countries and cultures treat LGBT+ people, Alexander pushes for more investment in historical queer identity.

Pushing the importance of understanding history to support modern-day challenges, Alexander is a passionate and powerful diversity and inclusion speaker. Embedding intersectionality into diversity and inclusion, Alexander helps conference audiences to see through his eyes how various factors of his identity affect discrimination. Facilitating education and inspiration, Alexander demystifies the concept that countries have laws against homosexuality because they are underdeveloped and instead brings awareness to how it is largely due to colonialism. When looking for an educational yet powerful and moving speech on LGBTQ+ rights, intersectionality, diversity or inclusion at your next event, book Alexander Leon today.

To enquire about Alexander Leon for your event or corporate function, simply contact us via or call a booking agent on 0203 9816 297.