Alex Partridge

Founder of UNILAD & Lad Bible, Neurodiversity Expert

  • Named the No.1 Media & Entertainment Creator in the World
  • Former Head of Facebook for Social Chain
  • Former Social Media Manager of The Hook Group
  • TEDx Talk – Why I Chose to be a Let Down to my Friends and Family

In the age of social media, Alex Partridge is considered to be one of the leading pioneers of the industry. Famed as the Founder of UNILAD and Lad Bible, Alex is renowned as the creator of two highly popular social media channels that have seen him reach over 1 billion people across the globe. Recognised as the No.1 Media & Entertainment Creator in the World, Alex also uses his prominence to raise awareness of important subjects. Having been diagnosed with ADHD, Alex is also sought after as a diversity & inclusion speaker to share his perspectives on being neurodivergent.

Whilst studying as a student at Oxford Brookes University, the concept of UNILAD and Lad Bible came to fruition. Generating the two platforms for people to share content on, UNILAD in 2010 and Lad Bible in 2011, Alex’s social media masterpieces soon became the biggest platforms to share breaking news and relatable content on. After several successful years running the social media platforms, Alex stepped away from UNILAD in 2013 and Lad Bible in 2018. In 2016, Alex began working as the Head of Facebook for Social Chain, Steven Bartlett’s revered marketing company that specialised in everything from social media analytics to brand performance and video production. He has also worked as the Social Media Manager of The Hook Group, putting to use his detailed expertise in managing a social media empire.

Most recently, Alex was diagnosed with ADHD and Alexithymia, and now uses his platforms to share his experiences of being neurodivergent. As a successful businessman, Alex can often be seen speaking out about how ADHD has affected his business and work, along with how he is making the world a better place for neurodivergent people. From whether businesses do enough for the neurodiverse community to advice for people with neurodiverse traits in business, Alex is the go-to expert on neurodiversity in business.

Now hired as a diversity and inclusion speaker, Alex Partridge is revered for his relatable and empowering speeches as a neurodiverse person. A seasoned speaker, Alex has formerly delivered the TEDx talk Why I Chose to be a Short Term Let Down to my Friends and Family. Regularly sought to share how he forged such a successful social media enterprise, Alex is also revered for his honesty as a speaker on neurodiversity. If you are looking for a speaker who will share their experiences as a neurodiverse person, hire Alex Partridge today.

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