International Muslim History Month

Top Trending International Muslim History Month Speakers to Hire

As of 2010, Muslims comprised 23% of the global population, a figure projected to increase to 30% by 2050. This growing demographic underscores the widespread influence and diverse cultures of Islam worldwide. In light of such statistics, International Muslim History Month is celebrated annually to honour the Islamic religion, dismantle hate and bring about change.

What is International Muslim History Month?

International Muslim History Month (IMHM) is an essential initiative by the World Hijab Day Organisation. It emphasises the significant contributions of Muslims and confronts Islamophobia globally. IMHM aims to reshape perceptions and enhance intercultural understanding by highlighting the legacy of Muslim scholars, innovators, and leaders.

Source: Muslim History Month Org

When is International Muslim History Month Celebrated?

International Muslim History Month is observed annually in May, focusing on education about Islamic history and fostering understanding between Muslim and non-Muslim communities.

Source: World Hijab Day

Why is it Important to Honour International Muslim History Month?

Celebrating International Muslim History Month is crucial for highlighting Muslims’ extensive contributions across fields like science and arts, often underrepresented in mainstream narratives. It helps address the stark reality that 39% of religious hate crimes target Muslims, fostering understanding and combating Islamophobia.

Who Are the Top Keynote Speakers to Help Celebrate International Muslim History Month?

Following feedback from 37 official International Muslim History Month events in 2023, The Diversity & Inclusion Speakers Agency have compiled their expert selection of the top 5 trending keynote speakers to help you honour International Muslim History Month throughout May, fostering diversity and inclusion in the battle for a more equitable society!

1.) Adil Ray

Co-Creator & Writer of “Citizen Khan”

Adil Ray is an ideal speaker for International Muslim History Month, celebrated for his multifaceted career in broadcasting and comedy, and his advocacy for diversity and inclusion. As the creator of “Citizen Khan” and a former presenter on “Good Morning Britain”, Adil has consistently used his platform to address racism and promote inclusivity. His insights from navigating the media industry as a Muslim and his OBE for services to broadcasting enrich his talks, making him a compelling voice against discrimination and for celebrating Muslim contributions to society. Adil’s commitment to challenging societal norms and encouraging acceptance makes him a powerful speaker for such an event.

2.) Salma El-Wardany

Chief Diversity Officer of Solution Driven & TEDx Speaker “Burka & Bikinis”

Salma El-Wardany is an exceptional speaker for International Muslim History Month, drawing on her profound insights into diversity, inclusion and gender equality. As a spoken word artist, writer and Chief Diversity Officer, Salma blends her personal experiences with professional expertise. Her TEDx talks, “Burka and Bikinis” and “Where Are You From?”, showcase her powerful storytelling and ability to address complex identity issues. These presentations highlight her journey combating stereotypes and advocating for marginalised voices, making her an inspiring figure for promoting understanding and celebrating the diverse narratives within the Muslim community.

Official Feedback for Salma El-Wardany:

“Salma was our keynote speaker at a special client event we held at The Shard. She delivered exactly what I was hoping for: a punchy, intelligent and savvy talk which gave the perfect blend of informed opinion and personal perspective. I would highly recommend her to you”Rachel, Managing Director, EW Group

3.) Urooj Arshad

Co-Founder of the Muslim Alliance for Sexual & Gender Diversity

Urooj Arshad is a distinguished speaker for International Muslim History Month, celebrated for her advocacy of LGBTQ+ rights within the Muslim community. As a former Director at Advocates for Youth and a Senior Manager at Freedom House, Urooj has spearheaded initiatives for LGBTQ+ Muslim rights and participated in the UN Commission on the Status of Women. Her extensive work includes founding the Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity and speaking globally on homophobia, Islamophobia and transphobia. Her impactful contributions are recognised by multiple awards, making her a vital voice for inclusion and diversity, particularly concerning underrepresented and marginalised groups within Islam.

Official Feedback for Urooj Arshad:

“Urooj was invited to present her work and expertise at a two day workshop held at Columbia University entitled Global Governance of the Intimate. Her presentation ‘Pushing back simultaneously against gendered islamophobia, homophobia and transphobia: LGBTQ Muslims in the age of Trump’ was deeply engaging and informative for our group of feminist scholars, journalists, and activists working on gender in South Asia and the Middle East. Urooj masterfully touched upon complex issues using accessible language. Urooj has a clear passion and commitment to her work that energized us all.”Joymala, Program Coordinator, Religion & The Global Framing of Gender Violence, Columbia University

4.) Asif Sadiq

Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer for Warner Bros. Discovery

Asif Sadiq, with a robust background in diversity & inclusion across global brands like Adidas and The Telegraph, is an exemplary choice as a speaker for International Muslim History Month. His transformative insights, drawn from extensive experience and personal anecdotes, profoundly enhance understanding and strategies for equality, making him an invaluable addition to any event. His work in promoting diversity and inclusion across various sectors, alongside his recognition as a change agent and his honorary titles, underscore his capability to educate and inspire audiences about the importance of inclusion and the contributions of Muslim communities.

Official Feedback for Asif Sadiq:

“He spoke with authority, clarity and provided excellent insights and practical examples of how we can take the drive for equity in our workplaces and society forward. The audience engagement and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. I would also like to say how easy Asif was to work with. He has been engaging, flexible and accommodating throughout the entire process. Because of all of the above, Asif comes highly recommended by us.”TSB

5.) Shazia Hussain

Founder of Gourmet Mithai & Candidate on The Apprentice

Shazia Hussain is an outstanding speaker for International Muslim History Month due to her impactful business and advocacy work. Rising to prominence on BBC’s ‘The Apprentice’, Shazia founded Gourmet Mithai and leverages her extensive experience in technology recruitment with companies like Bupa and Accenture. As a neurodivergent individual, she champions inclusivity and neurodiversity in the corporate sector. Her firsthand challenges in a male-dominated industry and her success as a Muslim woman make her uniquely equipped to address diversity, equity and inclusion, inspiring others to harness their distinct abilities in their professional lives.

Official Feedback for Shazia Hussain:

“Shazia is a self-motivated professional easily adapts and embraces challenges in any environment. Shazia is personable and has the ability to get the job done. Her experience in recruitment strengthens her ability to build relations with clients in all industry sectors, With a keen eye for detail and ambition Shazia can turn her hand to any challenge and is an excellent resourcer.”Muneer, Programme Director, Cisco

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