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Official Top 10 Trending Speakers for International Women’s Day 2024

International Women’s Day speakers have grown in demand over the last few years. Available for in-person and virtual events, these speakers come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences to encourage an open discussion about gender equality and help put in real solutions to achieve it.

What is International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day is marked annually on March 8th. It is a day when people celebrate the achievements of women across all areas of society. It is also used to make the discussion on the need for gender equality heard and helps encourage us all to try and bring about real change in society.

Here at the Diversity and Inclusion Speakers Agency, we surveyed countless clients and analysed audience feedback from over 20,000 events to discover the most popular female speakers for International Women’s Day 2024! Each of our speakers are scored out of five – discover the top industry leaders in our latest article.

Dame Inga Beale – 4.9/5

Dame Inga Beale is an example of a woman who shattered the glass ceiling. After holding management roles in several major organisations, she became the first female CEO of Lloyds of London. She used her position to empower other women, leaving Lloyds after placing 37% of women in leadership roles within the business. As a speaker, she is perfect for International Women’s Day, having an inspirational story to tell and with a passion to not only keep the audience’s attention throughout but provide real strategies to improve inclusion and equality throughout an organisation.

Ellie Simmonds – 4.9/5

Ellie Simmonds won two paralympic gold medals as a 13-year-old before becoming the youngest recipient of an MBE when she was awarded one at 14. Ellie became the face of the London 2012 Paralympics as her success pushed her into the mainstream, winning 14 World titles and 10 European titles. A patron for several charities including the Dwarf Sports Association UK she has also received an OBE. With passion and a story that inspires everyone she meets; Ellie Simmonds is a perfect choice for a speaker on International Women’s Day.

Nicola Adams – 4.8/5

Nicola Adams was the first-ever female to win Olympic Boxing Gold when she was victorious at London 2012 and then defended her crown again four years later. As a professional boxer, she also had great success winning the WBO Flyweight Title. A part of the LGBTQIA+ community Nicola has been a great role model; she was named as The Most Influential LGBT Person in Britain by The Independent and part of the first same-sex couple on Strictly Come Dancing. As a speaker on International Women’s Day Nicola Adams delivers a highly influential talk that includes everyone in the audience and can speak on a variety of topics including her experiences in a male-dominated sport.

Katie Piper – 4.9/5

A true inspiration to everyone she meets, Katie Piper survived an acid attack before receiving 40 operations. She has since rebuilt her life becoming a media sensation as an author, a regular on TV and her work in the beauty industry with the likes of Pantene and L’Oreal. Katie is the perfect example of fighting back and making the most out of life. Her moving story and honesty make her a great choice for any organisation looking for an International Women’s Day speaker.

Yasmin Benoit – 4.6/5

Yasmin Benoit is one of Britain’s leading models, who publicly came out as aromantic-asexual, and uses her ever-growing platform to campaign to improve the experiences of those who identify as aromantic and asexual. Yasmin provides an engaging discussion around several topics such as her experience as a woman in the modelling world, being a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and experiences of being Black in the British education system. Her honesty when discussing such sensitive and personal topics ensures a powerful discussion and makes her a great option for an International Women’s Day speaker.

Germain Greer – 4.8/5

Germain Greer is a perfect example of an International Women’s Day speaker. As one of the world’s leading academics and feminists, she has spent her whole career fighting for equality. Her work has seen her become a household name and given her celebrity status which she has used to further her efforts in achieving equality. Having spent more than 50 years challenging outdated views, she is a truly remarkable speaker. If for International Women’s Day you want a speaker to educate, inspire and promote equality to your audience look no further than Germain Greer.

Catherine Mayer – 4.8/5

Catherine Mayer’s career is focused on achieving gender equality. She has tried to force it to the front of British politics by co-founding the Women’s Equality Party. The core objectives of the party include equal pay, equal representation, equal education, shared opportunities and putting an end to violence against women. She also co-founded the Primadonna Festival, an event aimed at providing female musicians, comedians, and writers a platform. Her vast experience and work in achieving gender equality maker her a great choice for any event looking to explore the importance of gender equality and take real steps to achieve it starting on International Women’s Day.

Perrine Farque – 4.7/5

Perrine Farque specialises in helping corporations build an inclusive and diverse culture, boasting a clientele of international companies including Facebook and AvePoint. Her work is focused on showing business leaders the importance of inclusivity and through her own company Inspired Human she teaches business leaders how to embed inclusivity in their workplace. Perrine has supplied speeches at the Dublin Tech Summit and The Diana Initiative as well as being named in the Top 50 Most Influential Women in Tech. On International Women’s Day Perrine is perfect for any organisation looking to take steps in the right direction to embed equality into their working practices.

Kate Richardson Walsh – 4.9/5

A member of the 2016 gold medal-winning GB Olympic Hockey Team, Kate Richardson-Walsh is an inspiration to everyone she meets. Not only did she make history as part of the Olympic winning team she earned an unbelievable 735 caps for the side and was captain for 13 years. She has been a vocal supporter of increasing women’s participation in sport as an ambassador of the Women’s Sports Trust. Guaranteed to have an impact on a variety of audiences, Kate Richardson Walsh is a great choice for any event that is looking for a passionate and open discussion on female empowerment and equality on International Women’s Day.

Lisa Ventura – 4.6/5

Lisa Ventura is a leading businesswoman who founded both Cyber Security United and UK Cyber Security Association. She has also held roles at Titania LTD and published several books. Her success in the Cyber security industry has seen her win several awards including the Cyber Security Support of Women category at the 2019 Cyber Security Woman of the Year Awards and Cyber Security Personality of the Year at the 2019 Cyber Security Awards. Usually sought out for her expertise in Cyber Security, Lisa Ventura is also a speaker who encourages inclusion and equality throughout her talks, making her a good choice on International Women’s Day.

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