Stress Awareness Month

Stress Awareness Month Keynote Speakers for Hire – The Official Top Ranked Experts

April is Stress Awareness Month, a vital time dedicated to recognising the impact of stress and promoting effective ways to manage it. Interestingly, a significant statistic highlights the urgency of this initiative: 63% of people in the UK report feeling stressed at least weekly. This month encourages everyone to focus on their mental health, explore stress reduction techniques and foster awareness about the importance of wellbeing. By acknowledging these statistics, we can better appreciate the necessity of dedicating time to address stress and enhance our overall health.

What is Stress Awareness Month & When Is It Celebrated?

Stress Awareness Month, celebrated each April since 1992, focuses on highlighting the detrimental effects of stress and the importance of effective stress management. This observance aims to improve both mental and physical health by teaching strategies to reduce stress, thereby minimising the worsening of health conditions and promoting overall wellbeing.

Source: National Institutes of Health Office of Human Resources

What is the Theme of Stress Awareness Month 2024?

The 2024 Stress Awareness Month theme, #LittleByLittle, promotes the significant impact of small, consistent actions on wellbeing. The Stress Management Society emphasises that minor daily adjustments in self-care and stress reduction can lead to substantial improvements of mental health over time.

Source: Stress Management Society

How Can I Honour Stress Awareness Month in the Workplace?

Honouring Stress Awareness Month in the workplace can involve hiring a powerful speaker to educate employees on stress management techniques. Engaging sessions can inspire staff to adopt healthier practices, improving overall workplace morale and productivity by emphasising small, actionable steps towards better mental health.

Who are the Top Speakers to Hire for Stress Awareness Month Events?

Here at The Diversity & Inclusion Speakers Agency, we are committed to raising awareness of the importance of mental wellbeing, which we believe is best done by hiring an emotive and powerful keynote speaker. Collecting verified data from surveys at 126 mental health themed events, we have compiled our exclusive selection of the Official Top Ranked Experts to Hire for Stress Awareness Month 2024, below!

Robert Holden

Official Client Rating: 9.9/10

Robert Holden is a leading British psychologist renowned for his expertise in happiness and stress management. He founded the Stress Busters Clinic under the NHS in 1989, pioneering stress alleviation methods which were spotlighted in the BBC documentary ‘Stress Busters’. His significant contributions continued with The Happiness Project in 1994, introducing the ‘Be Happy’ program validated by independent scientists and acclaimed in the BBC’s ‘How to Be Happy’. His work has consistently demonstrated effectiveness in promoting wellbeing, making him a preferred keynote speaker for events like Stress Awareness Month. With over 30 years in the field, numerous publications and global speaking engagements, Robert combines practical experience with proven strategies, ideal for teaching effective stress management techniques.

Nigel Owens

Official Client Rating: 9.9/10

Nigel Owens is a compelling choice as a keynote speaker for Stress Awareness Month due to his extensive experience in high-pressure environments and his impactful advocacy for mental health and diversity. As a top-level rugby referee and the first openly gay man in his role, Nigel has faced immense challenges with resilience and poise. His candid discussions about overcoming personal struggles with bullying, bulimia and mental health crises resonate deeply, encouraging open dialogues on sensitive issues. Nigel’s journey of authenticity and his efforts in promoting inclusivity make him an inspirational figure, capable of motivating audiences to embrace their true selves while fostering a supportive and understanding community.

Katie Piper

Official Client Rating: 9.8/10

Katie Piper is an esteemed keynote speaker for Stress Awareness Month due to her profound personal and professional experiences. Surviving a severe acid attack in 2008, she underwent extensive recovery, documenting her journey in award-winning documentaries and best-selling books. Her story of resilience and transformation from a former model to a diversity and inclusion advocate inspires many. Katie has redefined beauty standards, working with global brands to promote acceptance. Her founding of the Katie Piper Foundation and a rehabilitative centre further highlights her commitment to supporting burn and acid attack victims, making her an influential and motivational figure in addressing stress and overcoming adversity.

Will Young

Official Client Rating: 9.8/10

Will Young, renowned for his singing career and advocacy, is an ideal speaker for Stress Awareness Month due to his deep personal engagement with mental health and LGBT rights. His candid discussions on these subjects, combined with his public persona, provide a compelling platform for raising awareness. Will’s journey includes navigating the pressures of fame, advocating for inclusion and addressing his mental health struggles, all of which resonate with broad audiences. His experience offers valuable insights into managing stress and promoting mental wellness, making his contributions especially powerful during such events.

David Hull-Watters

Official Client Rating: 9.7/10

David Hull-Watters is an ideal keynote speaker for Stress Awareness Month due to his extensive expertise in workplace equality and inclusion, particularly concerning disability, neurodiversity and LGBTQ+ matters. His role as an Associate Consultant and Trainer at the Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion has equipped him with valuable insights into creating supportive environments that mitigate workplace stress. His achievements, including multiple diversity awards and leadership in campaigns like the Give ‘em Hope Campaign, underline his capability to inspire and educate on mental wellbeing and stress management. His experience with various high-profile organisations enhances his credibility in addressing such critical issues effectively.

Shaun Flores

Official Client Rating: 9.7/10

Shaun Flores is hired as a powerful speaker for Stress Awareness Month due to his profound personal and professional engagement with mental health issues. Diagnosed with OCD, Shaun transformed his challenge into an opportunity to educate others, using his platform to debunk misconceptions about the disorder. His background in influential speaking, including two TEDx Talks on mental health themes, positions him as a compelling advocate. Shaun’s ability to share his journey openly and his dedication to mental health awareness make him an inspiring voice, capable of connecting deeply with audiences on the critical topic of stress and mental resilience.

Samantha Clarke

Official Client Rating: 9.6/10

Samantha Clarke is an ideal keynote speaker for Stress Awareness Month due to her exceptional expertise in fostering wellbeing and managing change. As a prominent happiness speaker and Neuroaesthetician, she offers a unique blend of emotional intelligence and scientific insight, enabling her to connect deeply with her audience. Her extensive experience working with industry giants like Accenture and Samsung, and her personal journey through chronic pain, enrich her presentations, making them not only informative but also empathetic. Her ability to translate complex concepts into actionable happiness and stress-minimising strategies aligns perfectly with the goals of Stress Awareness Month, making her contributions both valuable and transformative.

Neil Laybourn

Official Client Rating: 9.6/10

Neil Laybourn is a compelling choice as a powerful speaker for Stress Awareness Month events due to his extensive background in mental health advocacy, initiated by his life-changing encounter in 2008 with Jonny Benjamin, whom he prevented from taking his own life. This event sparked the viral #FindMike campaign and led Neil to transition from a fitness professional to a leading mental health advocate. His work includes founding impactful campaigns and a charity focused on reducing stigma and providing mental health support. His ability to combine insights from physical and mental health, alongside his firsthand experience in mental health crises, makes him an invaluable speaker, especially during events aimed at raising awareness and providing support for mental health issues.

Matt Haig

Official Client Rating: 9.5/10

Matt Haig is a compelling speaker on stress awareness, especially relevant during Stress Awareness Month, due to his profound personal and professional journey. Having faced severe depression and anxiety, which nearly led him to take his own life at 24, Matt channels his experiences into advocacy, helping to demystify mental health struggles. His best-selling book “Reasons to Stay Alive” reflects on his darkest times and recovery, propelling him as a mental health campaigner. His ability to address heavy topics with sensitivity extends into his children’s literature, broadening his impact. Through his keynote speeches and widespread advocacy, Matt encourages open discussions on mental health, offering solidarity and reducing stigma, making him an invaluable resource for understanding and managing stress.

Jonny Benjamin

Official Client Rating: 9.5/10

Jonny Benjamin MBE is an influential speaker on stress awareness due to his profound personal journey and active advocacy in mental health. Having struggled with severe mental health issues from a young age, including depression and schizoaffective disorder, Jonny nearly ended his life before being saved by a stranger. This transformative experience propelled him into mental health advocacy, culminating in the powerful #FindMike campaign. Appointed MBE for his efforts, Jonny effectively uses his story and insights to engage and educate diverse audiences. His speeches, which include personal anecdotes and a commitment to Q&A sessions, resonate deeply, inspiring proactive mental health discussions across sectors from education to corporate environments.

Dr Alex George

Official Client Rating: 9.4/10

Dr Alex George is an influential keynote speaker for Stress Awareness Week, particularly due to his role as the UK Government’s Youth Ambassador for Mental Health. Appointed in 2021 by former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Dr. George leverages his vast experience and personal tragedy, the loss of his brother to suicide, to advocate for vital changes in mental health awareness and education. His government position, combined with his background as an A&E doctor and a prominent social media influencer, uniquely positions him to speak authoritatively and compassionately on the subject. His efforts to make mental health education compulsory in schools underscore his commitment to improving mental health outcomes for young people, making him a compelling and relatable speaker for such an event.

Jason Robinson

Official Client Rating: 9.3/10

Jason Robinson OBE is an ideal keynote speaker for Stress Awareness Month due to his deep personal and professional experiences with stress and mental wellbeing. Renowned not only for his illustrious career in rugby but also for his resilience in overcoming significant personal challenges, Jason’s journey is profoundly inspiring. He has openly discussed his battles with mental health issues, even during the peak of his sporting success, which included contemplating suicide. His advocacy for mental health awareness, combined with his commitment to sharing his story to help others face and overcome adversity, makes him a powerful voice for promoting mental health and resilience.

Gina Buckey

Official Client Rating: 9.2/10

Gina Buckney is highly sought after during Stress Awareness Month due to her profound expertise in corporate wellness and employee wellbeing strategies. With nearly two decades of experience in high-pressure corporate roles, Gina brings first-hand knowledge of the stressors within workplace environments. Her impactful ventures as a professional speaker and author focus on enhancing corporate culture and reducing stress, anxiety and depression among employees, which are key contributors to productivity loss and financial downturns for businesses. As Managing Director of Your People Your Power, Gina implements programs that are both cost-effective and beneficial, significantly improving absenteeism, staff turnover and profits.

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