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The World’s Top 10 Emotional Intelligence (EI) Speakers to Hire in 2024

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence (EI) is the capability to recognise, understand, and manage one’s own emotions and to be aware of and influence the emotions of others. It involves understanding that emotions play a crucial role in determining behaviours and can impact people either positively or negatively. This skill is essential in various areas of life, including interpersonal, romantic, familial, academic, and professional settings. Key components of emotional intelligence include self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.

Source: Forbes, Harvard Business Review & Indeed

Why is Emotional Intelligence Important in the Workplace?

Emotional intelligence is vital in the workplace as it promotes empathy, understanding and effective communication, essential for harmonious professional relationships. Leaders with high EQ are better equipped to motivate teams, resolve conflicts and seize unnoticed opportunities. Moreover, high EQ individuals tend to be stronger communicators, fostering better team relationships, leading to improved overall performance and reduced turnover. Emotionally intelligent environments boost morale and help employees tap into their full potential, making such individuals more likely to advance in their careers.

Source: University of Southern California, Forbes & Ottawa University

How Can I Learn To Be Emotionally Intelligent?

Below are just a collection of ways you can learn to be more emotionally intelligent:

  • Understand & recognise your own emotions
  • Adopt assertive communication
  • Minimise impulsive reaction to conflict
  • Hire an emotional intelligence speaker to share their expertise on the subject!

Source: Harvard Business School & Inc.

The World’s Top 10 Emotional Intelligence Speakers to Hire:

Samantha Clarke

Samantha Clarke is a renowned happiness, wellbeing and emotional intelligence speaker, whose influence resonates globally. A celebrated Neuroaesthetician, she is a pivotal advocate for positive workplace cultures. Trusted by industry giants such as Accenture, Samsung, and Unilever, Samantha’s unique perspective is enriched by her personal experiences, including navigating chronic pain. Rather than deliver mere presentations, she engages her audiences in heartfelt dialogues, promoting sustainable happiness and emphasising the significance of personal well-being. Apart from her keynote contributions, Samantha has showcased her innovative acumen with giants like Nike and L’Oreal and has graced esteemed platforms like TEDx and BBC Woman’s Hour. Distinctly, she seamlessly merges science with soul, inspiring and empowering her listeners.

Official Feedback for Samantha Clarke:

“It was very obvious that Samantha loves what she does and cares about helping people. She genuinely cared about the problem we were having on our team and thought very critically about what could be done to help solve it. We appreciate Samantha’s hard work and dedication. She is a very talented woman and I, and my team, enjoyed working with her” – Alexandra, Shopify Studio Team

Gina Battye

Gina Battye is a trailblazer in championing diversity, inclusion, and emotional intelligence. As an esteemed Psychological Safety and LGBTQ+ Inclusion Consultant, she strives to revolutionize workplaces by lobbying the UK Government to prioritise psychological safety. With intimate knowledge of the LGBTQ+ community’s unique challenges, and almost 25 years of experience collaborating with global giants like AstraZeneca, Barclays, and Vodafone, Gina’s expertise is unparalleled. Her pioneering “5 Pillars of Psychological Safety” and the Diagnostic Tool “Lux” offer organisations transformative frameworks for inclusivity. Her unwavering commitment to fostering psychological safety and LGBTQ+ inclusion in workplaces is deeply intertwined with the principles of emotional intelligence. Her extensive understanding of the unique challenges faced by minorities underscores the importance of empathy, self-awareness and interpersonal skills – core elements of emotional intelligence.

Official Feedback for Gina Battye:

“Gina was a guest speaker at an event in AstraZeneca. Gina delivered an interactive conversation on the topic of bringing your whole self to work and LGBT inclusion. The feedback was extremely positive and I would highly recommend working with Gina on any corporate event relating to inclusion, diversity and LGBT topics.” AstraZeneca

Dr Alex George

Dr Alex George, once known primarily for his appearance on ITV’s Love Island, has since emerged as a powerful voice for mental health, wellness, and emotional intelligence. A former A&E doctor and graduate of the University of Exeter’s Medicine program, his firsthand experience with the rigours of healthcare and the personal anguish of losing a brother to suicide makes his insights poignant and real. His commitment to mental health was recognised when he was appointed as the UK’s Youth Ambassador for Mental Health by former Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Alex’s multifaceted career, from TV doctor to author of award-winning books, underscores his dedication to educating and supporting others. As a speaker, he fuses medical expertise with raw empathy, offering attendees a transformative perspective on mental health and the importance of emotional intelligence.

Official Feedback for Dr Alex George:

“We were eager to work with Dr Alex after developing our Emotional Pillar within Consumer Experience for L’Oreal Professional Products Division. Alex is a great figure, doing some amazing things to raise awareness and amplify the topic of Mental Health and he did not disappoint. He inspired the delegates and got people thinking about the important topic. He was on time for every meeting and even when we made a last-minute date and time change he accepted and adapted without any complaints. Alex was inspiring, professional and relatable throughout and we will definitely be looking to work with him again. Keep up the fabulous work Alex!” – L’Oreal

Katie Piper

Katie Piper is not just a best-selling author and TV presenter, but an emblem of resilience and fortitude. The horrifying acid attack she suffered in 2008 profoundly impacted her life, but her spirit remained unbroken. Through 40 surgeries and immense emotional challenges, Katie transcended her trauma to become a beacon of hope and inspiration. Her candid accounts, both in documentaries and books, shed light on her journey of recovery and redefining beauty standards. Having once graced the modelling world, Katie’s collaboration with renowned brands like Pantene and L’Oreal underscores the importance of acceptance and diversity. As a mental health and emotional intelligence speaker, Katie speaks compellingly about overcoming adversity, encouraging inclusivity in professional spaces, and transforming from a victim to a triumphant survivor as the Founder of the Katie Piper Foundation.

Official Feedback for Katie Piper:

“Katie was amazing yesterday, thank you! Her story is so inspiring and she came across as really humble and down to earth. Thank you for all of your help” – Vicky, Senior Manager, Ernst & Young

Neil Laybourn

Neil Laybourn‘s journey from a personal trainer to an internationally recognised mental health advocate is truly inspiring. In 2008, he prevented Jonny Benjamin from taking his own life, a story which later formed the basis of the award-winning documentary, ‘Stranger on the Bridge’. Their reunion, powered by the viral #FindMike campaign, propelled Neil to champion mental health causes. With the creation of initiatives like ‘This Can Happen’ and ‘You Alright Mate’, and co-founding the charity ‘Beyond Shame, Beyond Stigma’, he’s dedicated himself to reducing stigma and supporting young people. Neil Laybourn’s experience exemplifies the deep facets of emotional intelligence. His instinctive ability to empathise with Jonny Benjamin during a critical moment in 2008 showed acute emotional awareness.

Official Feedback for Neil Laybourn:

“Just wanted to send a huge thank you for coming in to talk to our staff today. I know from verbal feedback that people found that hugely engaging, informative and inspiring. We couldn’t have asked for more.”Dyson

Silvia Garcia

Silvia Garcia, with a robust foundation in happiness, wellbeing, and emotional intelligence, stands as a luminary in workplace transformation. With a rich career tapestry woven with roles at Coca-Cola and SCA Hygiene Products, she champions the integration of happiness into corporate fabric, showcasing its pivotal role in employee retention and enhanced customer communication. As the Head of Research & Consulting for C-YourCulture and founder of ventures like Feel Logic, Silvia leverages behavioural science to reshape corporate cultures. A speaker par excellence, her insights are grounded in her academic pursuits from renowned institutions. Silvia’s speeches resonate deeply, offering guidance on fostering workplace happiness, resilience, and emotional wellbeing. A true asset for organisations seeking a renaissance in culture and mindset.

Official Feedback for Silvia Garcia:

“We loved Silvia’s pose. Super interesting content, featuring surprising and relevant stories for our audience. Silvia is one of those lecturers that everyone in the world loves to listen to. Your energy, optimism and vision are contagious and the audience is always filed with inspiration, ideas and practical examples.” – Rosa, Head of External Communications, L’Oreal Spain & Portugal

Michelle King

Michelle King, heralded as a ‘Visionary leader changing the inclusion landscape’ by Billie Jean King, stands at the forefront of the diversity and inclusion movement. With a rich background in HR, from PwC to BHP Billiton, Michelle’s dedication to fostering workplace cultures that prioritise equality is palpable. As the Founder of Equality Forward, her mission is to overhaul gender inclusion in corporate settings. A LinkedIn Top Voice for Equality and the author of “The Fix,” Michelle dives deep into the unseen challenges women face at work. Accolades like the 2019 Inspiring Innovator Award solidify her prowess. Michelle King’s expertise in diversity and inclusion inherently ties into the realm of emotional intelligence. Creating inclusive environments necessitates a profound understanding of, and empathy for, the diverse experiences and emotions of individuals – something that Michelle King is a true expert on.

Official Feedback for Michelle King:

“Michelle is not only extremely knowledgeable with her background and research on gender inequality, but she applies those insights specifically to the workplace and brings it to life. Michelle has a truly unique way of connecting with her audience. She makes the research come to life and provides real ‘a-ha’ moments and practical takeaways that can be applied in any organisation” – Claudia, CEO, SHE Global

Matt Haig

Matt Haig is more than just a celebrated author. He is a beacon of hope in the realm of mental health and emotional intelligence. After facing his own life-threatening mental health challenges in his youth, Matt transformed his adversities into advocacy, becoming a vocal proponent for understanding and addressing mental health issues. His acclaimed book, “Reasons to Stay Alive”, chronicles his personal journey with depression and anxiety, and has been lauded by many, including influential figures like Stephen Fry. Beyond his writing, Matt is a captivating speaker who tackles sensitive topics, making them accessible without overwhelming his audience.

Bernadette Thompson

Bernadette Thompson OBE, the Associate Director of Inclusion for Barts Health NHS Trust, stands at the forefront of the movement to champion diversity and inclusion. With an illustrious career that spans institutions like the Home Office, NHS, and Ministry of Justice, her expertise encompasses HR, diversity, unconscious bias, and more. Bernadette’s trajectory, from her beginnings at the Legal Aid Board in 1998 to prestigious roles, such as the Deputy Director for Inclusion at the Department for Levelling UP, showcases her tenacity. Beyond her professional feats, her activism shines—spearheading initiatives like the Race to the Top G6/7 network and dedicating time to charity endeavours. Honoured with the OBE and Rising Star Champion awards, she’s a sought-after speaker, seamlessly melding experience with emotional intelligence to inspire change.

Official Feedback for Bernadette Thompson:

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you on behalf of the whole team for the session yesterday. You were so engaging and made the team really think about how we can continue to check ourselves and be a truly inclusive team” – Lindsay, Specialist MSK Physiotherapist, Outpatient Therapies Mile End Hospital

Robert Holden

Robert Holden, a celebrated British psychologist, stands as a beacon in the realm of emotional intelligence and mental health. As the pioneering Director of The Happiness Project, backed by the NHS, he masterminded the acclaimed 8-week ‘Be Happy’ programme, acclaimed by scientists on the BBC’s ‘How to Be Happy’ as a “genuine fast track to happiness.” With over 30 years in psychology, a footprint on global platforms like The Oprah Winfrey Show, and the authorship of 10 influential books, Robert has cemented his legacy. Hosting the ‘Shift Happens!’ radio show and offering bespoke leadership through Success Intelligence Ltd., he has shaped mental wellness strategies for global brands like Dove. His profound TED talks, ‘The Tea Meditation’ and ‘Destination Addiction’, along with his extensive contributions to conferences worldwide, showcase his unparalleled expertise. Robert’s expertise doesn’t just revolve around the concept of happiness; it directly ties into the broader framework of emotional intelligence – providing a roadmap to not just happiness, but to the mastery of one’s emotional realm.

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