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Top 10 Men’s Mental Health Speakers to Hire for Men’s Health Week in 2024

Men’s Health Week is an important awareness event that is dedicated to the awareness and support of men’s health. Read our guide to Men’s Health Week, and see who the top 10 speakers to hire on men’s health are!

When is Men’s Health Week Celebrated?

Men’s Health Week will be celebrated from the 12th – 18th of June in 2024, with the aim to raise awareness of health issues which disproportionately affect men. This week highlights the importance of men becoming more aware of the problems they could potentially develop, and encourages them to seek help.

What is this Year’s Theme for Men’s Health Week?

This year, during Men’s Health Week, there is going to be an emphasis on ‘men’s health and the internet’ – emphasising the negative effects of the internet and social media on mental health.

Why Hire a Men’s Mental Health Speaker?

Societal expectations for men lead many to not feeling able to speak openly about their emotions in fear of not feeling ‘masculine enough’. To break this stigma, it is important to encourage more men to speak up about their own mental health, and show them how speaking up can be more beneficial than they realise.

A hugely important aspect of men’s health is their mental health, of which, there are some shocking statistics. Just over one-third of men believe they have been diagnoseable with a mental health condition at some point in their life. Three times more men die by suicide than women with the highest rates of suicide in the UK being men aged 40-49. These statistics show just how important it is for men to speak up about their mental health.

Sources: Mental Health Foundation and Men’s Health Forum

Our Men’s Mental Health Speakers:

Dr Alex George

Dr Alex George is the UK Governments Youth Mental Health Ambassador who is at the forefront of raising awareness about men’s mental health after suffering from his own mental health challenges. After gaining quite the following on social media, Alex is honest about the highs and lows of being in the public eye, openly discussing therapy with his fans. As the Health Editor for Good Morning Britain and a former A&E doctor, there is no one more qualified than Dr Alex George to hire at your next event, speaking on men’s mental health and giving actionable advice to his audience.


“We were eager to work with Dr Alex after developing our Emotional Pillar within Consumer Experience for L’Oreal Professional Products Division. Alex is a great figure, doing some amazing things to raise awareness and amplify the topic of Mental Health and he did not disappoint. He inspired the delegates and got people thinking about the important topic… Alex was inspiring, professional and relatable throughout and we will definitely be looking to work with him again. Keep up the fabulous work Alex!”L’Oreal

Nigel Owens

Nigel Owens is renowned for being a Rugby Union referee since 1987, now also a highly regarded men’s mental health speaker. As one of the first men to openly come out as gay in the male-dominated sport, Nigel is all too aware of how hiding one’s true self can be detrimental to your mental health and wellbeing – having personally suffered from Bulimia and attempted to commit suicide. Since coming out, Nigel has been honoured as both the Stonewall Gay Personality of the Year 2007 and the Gay Sports Personality of the Decade, in addition to being appointed MBE for his Services to Sport. When looking for an inspirational and down-to-earth mental health speaker who has overcome his own demons, look no further and hire Nigel Owens today.


“Nigel Owens was a first class and most genuine gentleman. We were absolutely thrilled that he was able to join us for a call and he was sheer brilliance! The manner in which he spoke and conducted himself was first class. What a true gent. He was open, honest and truly inspirational. We would have him back again to join us. The feedback from the staff following our call was immense and everyone was thrilled. He absolutely has a wonderful brand and is so down to earth.”Eleri, Executive PA, Principality

Jonny Benjamin

Jonny Benjamin is an award-winning mental health campaigner who is best known for his ‘Find Mike’ campaign – a search for the stranger who saved his life. Having suffered from mental health problems his whole life, diagnosed with depression when he was a teenager and then schizoaffective disorder, Jonny was driven to suicidal thoughts. After Jonny’s life was saved by Neil Laybourn when he attempted suicide, Jonny partnered with the charity Rethink Mental Illness to help raise awareness of the power of words. As the founder of ThinkWell, Jonny gives talks worldwide on the importance of discussing mental health.


“I think the session was excellent. I have had a couple of notes with really positive feedback. Neil and Jonny are a joy to work with, and their story speaks for itself.”HSBC

Matt Haig

When Matt Haig was just 24 years old, he attempted suicide after suffering from depression. He has since channelled his energy as a force for good, using his platform to share his personal experiences with mental illness and to provide actionable tools that empower positivity and happiness. Matt has also become an award-winning author of numerous books, and in his book Reasons To Stay Alive he details his personal struggles with mental health, showcasing to others that they are not alone. When hired as a mental health speaker, Matt Haig shares his traumatic experiences, whilst revealing how he learnt to appreciate life, and educating his audiences on how they can do the same.


“Haig is one of the most inspirational popular writers on mental health of our age and, in his latest novel, he has taken a clever, engaging concept and created a heart-warming story that offers wisdom in the same deceptively simple way as Mitch Albom’s best tales.”The Independent

Neil Laybourn

Neil Laybourn is the infamous ‘Mike’, who was the subject of the ‘Find Mike’ Campaign in 2008, having convinced Jonny Benjamin to reconsider taking his own life. After the pair were reunited in 2014, they have remained firm friends, Neil transitioning from personal trainer to leading mental health advocate. His work has received support from HRH the Duke of Cambridge, now the Co-Founder of the charity ‘Beyond Shame Beyond Stigma’. Neil has been on a mission to reduce the number of suicides and the rate of self-harm by enhancing mental health support. As a seasoned speaker, having delivered over 250 keynotes to a range of organisations across the UK, Neil has quickly become one of the most sought-after speakers on men’s mental health.


“Just wanted to send a huge thank you for coming in to talk to our staff today. I know from verbal feedback that people found that hugely engaging, informative and inspiring. We couldn’t have asked for more.”Emma, Dyson

Mark Foster

Mark Foster is one of the most successful British swimmers of all time who has won World, European and Commonwealth titles throughout his career, In addition to having competed in 5 Olympic Games. Mark came out as gay in 2017, having spent his career afraid of revealing his true self in elite sport. He later said that trying to hide his true identity affected his performance in the sport and his mental wellbeing. Now, Mark is actively encouraging others to also be themselves and supports several charities that support and promote both physical and mental wellbeing. Now, when hired as a speaker, Mark Foster uses his experiences to encourage organisations to implement effective inclusion strategies so their staff’s mental health does not affect their performance at work.


“Mark was a superb speaker; open, frank, positive, constructive and enlightening, we all came away with a refreshed perspective on self-care, choosing your outlook and positive mindset – and how these approaches can help us through hard times.”Alun, Health & Wellbeing Strategy Lead, UK Home Office

Shaun Flores

Shaun Flores dealt with his mental health challenges for a long time on his own before he mustered the strength to seek help. Even then, the waiting list for the NHS was too long, forcing Shaun to look to the Internet as a source of help. Having been diagnosed with OCD, Shaun uses his personal experiences to raise awareness of the reality of OCD and the dark places it can take a person to. Now, Shaun uses his story to raise awareness of the reality of OCD. With certain symptoms of OCD overlooked, Shaun is committed to increasing awareness and understanding of all symptoms of OCD, so that people who suffer from OCD can get the vital support they need. Now the host of his own podcast ‘Flower Hour’ and TEDx speaker, do not hesitate to hire Shaun Flores as a men’s mental health speaker today.


“I had the pleasure to see Shaun deliver an incredible talk at the TEDx Sheffield Hallam University 2022. He is a powerful speaker with an incredible presence. Shaun speaks from the heart and his message is unique and authentic. I highly recommend him as a speaker for your next event or conference. He is one of a kind!”Jose, NLP Master Trainer

Robert Holden

As the Director of the Happiness Project, Robert Holden is truly leading mental health awareness revelation – running an annual eight-week course called ‘Happiness Now!’ that is dedicated to empowering delegates with actionable strategies to find happiness in their daily lives. For over three decades he has been at the forefront of practising positive psychology and founded the NHS Stress Buster Clinic in 1989. Robert was chosen to speak at The Leadership Trust Conference, the International Enneagram Association and he has given two hugely popular TED talks on the subject of mental health, ‘The Tea Meditation’ and’ Destination Addiction’. He is also the author of ten best-selling books that help people cope with stress, increase happiness and boost mental resilience. When looking to hire a mental health speaker who has a credible track record helping people cope with their mental health, consider hiring Robert Holden today.


“Dr Robert Holden’s happiness training not only changes the way you feel; it actually changes the way your brain functions.”Richard, Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Jordan Stephens

One half of the duo ‘Rizzle Kicks’, Jordan Stephens has made waves speaking openly about men’s mental health, candidly sharing his personal mental health challenges. Jordan created the campaign #IAMWHOLE in 2016, which gained significant media coverage, reached over 120 million people and gained traction in the Houses of Parliament. Praised for his article in The Guardian on Hyper-Masculinity, Jordan has been raising awareness of the negative effects this can have on men’s mental health, subsequently invited to discuss the matter further on television. To further tackle the stigma surrounding mental health, Jordan created the ‘Music 4 Mental Health Campaign’. If you are looking to book a powerful speaker on mental health, look no further than Jordan Stephens.

Patrick Vernon

As the first director of Black Thrive – a mental health agency in Lambeth which tackles the inequality black people face in mental health services, Patrick Vernon OBE has fast become one of the most popular speakers on equity, diversity and inclusion. As a passionate mental health advocate, Patrick has formerly worked as the Regional Director of MIND, a Committee Member of Healthwatch England and as a member of the Ministerial Advisory for Mental Health. Undoubtedly one of the UK’s leading advisors on mental health, Patrick Vernon is available to hire as a popular mental health and EDI speaker who shares his expertise on how the Black community are disproportionately affected by mental health challenges.


“Please extend our thanks to Patrick- it was a really insightful and inspirational session. We look forward to collaborating with him again in the future!”Nina, Associate Director, Regulatory & Public Policy, Ernst & Young

How Do I Hire a Men’s Mental Health Speaker?

If you are looking to hire a speaker on men’s mental health for your next event, do not hesitate to contact us here at The Diversity & Inclusion Speakers Agency. One of our dedicated team members will be happy to answer any enquiries via telephone at 0203 9816 297, or alternatively fill out our online contact form. If you are looking for a wider selection of men’s mental health speakers, why not browse our roster of mental health speakers?

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