Autism Acceptance Month

The Official Top 10 Autism Acceptance Month Speakers to Hire for 2024 Events

National Autism Acceptance Month takes place annually during the month of April to raise awareness of Autism and promote the acceptance throughout society. Highlighting the importance of inclusivity in all aspects of life, this awareness event aims to implement positive change for the neurodiverse community.

According to WHO, around 1 in 270 people have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and only 21.7% of these people are in employment. With aims to ensure society is accessible for autistic people and more accepting of neurological differences, this awareness event provides us with an opportunity to educate ourselves on autism through our own research, by attending a training event, or by hiring a neurodiversity speaker to share their valuable insights with audiences.

Source: Inclusive Employers

When Is National Autism Acceptance Month?

National Autism Acceptance Month is celebrated throughout the month of April.

Why is Autism Acceptance Month Important?

National Autism Acceptance Month is an extremely important event in the diversity and inclusion awareness calendar because it not only promotes education about the difference between people with autism, but also the understanding and respect for those differences. With the goal being to create a more inclusive society, we need to progress towards equal rights and resources for the neurodiverse community.

Source: Autism Parenting Magazine

How to Celebrate Autism Acceptance Month in the Workplace:

  • Research the history behind Autism Acceptance Month
  • Host an event supporting Autism Acceptance Month
  • Hire an Autism Acceptance Month speaker
  • Use #AutismAcceptanceMonth on a corporate social media post
  • Conduct Neurodiversity staff training

The Top 10 Speakers to Hire for Autism Acceptance Month:

Kelly Grainger

Kelly Grainger is a treasured neurodiversity advocate, determined to improve education surrounding neurodiverse diagnoses such as autism and ADHD. Having been diagnosed as autistic at 44 and with ADHD at 45, Kelly is now the Co-Founder of Perfectly Autistic, a neurodiversity consultancy working with a host of organisations to raise awareness of the benefits of having a neurodivergent workforce. An inspiration to audiences worldwide, he has gained the opportunity to present for the United Nations Global Compact Network UK and speak at The Autism Show. Passionate to make a positive change throughout society, Kelly is now highly sought-after to speak on topics such as neurodiversity, mental health in the workplace, and being diagnosed as autistic and ADHD as an adult.

Official Testimonial:

“I wanted to say a huge thank you to for taking the time to speak to our Diversity & Inclusion Working Group members today. We got some fantastic feedback on your presentation and participation in the Q&A, both during and after the event.”Emily, BP

Melanie Sykes

Melanie Sykes is a revered TV Presenter, best known for presenting ‘Today with Des and Mel’ and ‘Shop Well for Less’. In 2021, Melanie was diagnosed as autistic, alongside her son, at the age of 55. Describing the experience as ‘truly life-changing’, she is now a proud advocate for the education and treatment of people with autism. Despite facing sensitivities around working in television throughout her entire career, Melanie has been part of numerous world-recognised shows such as I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, Celebrity MasterChef, and Lunch with Mel and Gino. An empowering figure throughout the community, Melanie is admired by audiences globally and is now in high demand to attend speaking engagements.

“I now have a deeper understanding of myself, my life, and the things I have endured.”Melanie Sykes

Mark Charlesworth

Mark Charlesworth is a talented autism and ADHD workplace consultant. Admired for advising leading organisations to perform neurodevelopmental condition audits, he utilises his personal experiences with epilepsy, ADHD, and PTSD to implement positive change throughout the workplace environment. With a mission to spread neurodiversity awareness, Mark conducts educational training programmes, alongside being an Associate Neurodiversity Consultant and Facilitator. Recognised for the remarkable career he has developed over recent years, Mark has previously worked with high-profile clients such as Nestle, Northumbria Police, Asda, and the NHS. When looking for an enthusiastic neurodiversity speaker for your next event, look no further than Mark.

”I have experienced a few struggles in my life including discrimination, but I have managed to turn these around in to a success, seeing the positive aspects of my conditions, and not letting the difficulties get the better of me.” Mark Charlesworth

Ayo Sokale

Ayo Sokale has developed a remarkable career in the engineering industry, currently fulfilling the role of Supervising Civil Engineer for the Institution of Civil Engineers. Having recently been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, she has not let her condition get in the way of her gaining success. Named as one of the Top 50 Women in Engineering Under 35 by The Independent, Ayo has become a proud advocate for Women in STEM, whilst also aiming to share her perspective on autism with audiences throughout society. A leading authority in her field, Ayo is respected for covering important topics such as diversity and inclusion, neurodiversity, and mental health. When looking to hire a passionate speaker for your next event, Ayo Sokale is the perfect choice.

”Autism isn’t an illness, you don’t outgrow it, and there’s no need for a cure.”Ayo Sokale

Toni Horn

Toni Horn

Toni Horn is a distinguished neurodiversity consultant, best known as the Founder of Think Differently Coaching. After receiving a late diagnosis of autism at the age of 40, Toni has devoted her career to sharing her insights on neurodiversity with audiences internationally. Also an Associate Coach for Lexxic, she has supported neurodivergent clients for many years and has delivered over 100 neurodiversity awareness events to date. Passionate to educate companies on the benefits of creating an inclusive workplace, Toni aims to educate leaders on how to understand neurodiverse strengths, adapt learning for neurodiverse employees, and give equal opportunities to these members of staff. On a mission to ensure all workplaces understand the importance of diversity and inclusion, Toni is the ideal neurodiversity speaker to hire for your next corporate event.

Speaking Topics:

  • Recognising Your Neurodiverse Talent
  • Understanding Neurodiverse Strengths and Differences
  • Adapting Coaching and Learning Styles for Neurodiverse Colleagues
  • Line Manager’s Equality Responsiblities

Aquayemi-Claude Garnett

Aquayemi-Claude Garnett is a prominent neurodiversity campaigner and author, best known as the creator of ‘The Truth Behind Self Isolation and this Crazy Climate of Lockdown’. Having been diagnosed with a wide range of neurodiverse conditions, he understands first-hand the difficulties that people living with these conditions may face. Passionate to create a brighter future for the next generation, he has become a Youth Delegate and Speaker for Bridging The Gap Ventures, a company created to help young change-makers in top industries. Alongside this, Aquayemi-Claude is also a proud member of The Queens Commonwealth Trust. Empowering the neurodiverse community to achieve their goals in all aspects of life, Aquayemi-Claude is now highly sought-after to speak on topics such as living with Neurodiversity, and Claude SEN Law.

Speaking Topics:

  • Claude SEN Law
  • Living with Neurodiversity
  • SEN Education System

Rachel Morgan-Trimmer

Rachel Morgan-Trimmer is a leading neurodiversity consultant who is admired for delivering the popular TEDx Talk ‘Inclusion is Selfish’. As part of the neurodiverse community herself, she has utilised her experiences facing inequalities to forge a successful career over recent years. An expert in her field, she is respected for volunteering for the Neurodiversity Association, which aims to educate individuals on many different aspects of neurodiversity. Having been diagnosed as autistic, Rachel’s treasured knowledge is backed by first-hand experience. When looking to hire an enthusiastic neurodiversity speaker for your next event, do not hesitate in booking Rachel today.

Official Testimonial:

”Rachel delivered a workshop for us on Neurodiversity and Inclusion that was insightful and inspiring. It was interactive and thoughtfully put together. We especially loved the way it was geared towards us and our industry. I particularly enjoyed how interactive it was and would encourage everyone to participate in and book a workshop with Rachel.”Danielle, Co-Founder and CMO, Found By Few

Ife Thomas

Ife Thomas is a renowned mental health and well-being advocate, widely recognised as the Founder of the National Network of Chartered Accountants. A driven individual, she has not let her diagnosis of autism limit her success in various industries. A mother of two boys, one of whom has autism, she aims to ensure that society becomes more aware of neurodiversity conditions, allowing the younger generation to grow up in a more inclusive world. Respected for the illustrious career she has developed over recent years, Ife released her debut publication ‘Powerlift Your Career: Everything You Need To Succeed’ in 2016 and later launched her podcast ‘Everything You Need to Succeed’ with the support of Starbucks. An empowering neurodivergent figure in today’s society, Ife Thomas is a beloved speaker for a wide range of events.

Official Testimonial:

“Ife an infectious energy, and a real passion about helping others. Her inspirational way with words, along with the ways in which she explains things is mesmerising.”

Matt Gupwell

Matt Gupwell is a respected neurodiversity expert, having received a late-life diagnosis of autism, ADHD, and dyspraxia himself. Having conducted research into neurodiversity for over 15 years, his distinguished work helps HR teams with the recruitment and retention process for neurodiverse employees, allowing businesses to enforce equality in the workplace. As a former Non-Executive Board Member for The Oakland Clinic, Matt’s expertise is valued by clients around the world. As both a member of the neurodiverse community and a father to a neurodiverse child, he aims to provide insights and guidance to individuals in a wide range of situations. Treasured throughout the community, Matt is the ideal addition to your next event.

Official Testimonial:

”Matt, you are incredible. Your enthusiasm, honesty and passion left a lasting effect on all the team. Thank you again.”Stuart, Cheif Executive Director, Warwickshire County Cricket Club and Edgbaston

Lisa Ventura

Lisa Ventura has become a proud advocate for all things neurodiversity since her diagnosis of ADHD and BPD in 2018. As the Founder of Cyber Security Unity, she strongly promotes cyber security as a path for autistic individuals and has become a mentor to those who are finding it difficult to enter the technology industry. Having won the Positive Role Model Award at ITV’s National Diversity Awards in 2020, Lisa’s remarkable career is admired by professionals worldwide. Passionate to share her vast industry insights with large-scale audiences, she has also authored several books, including I Am #ActuallyAutistic, to shine a light on the experiences she has personally faced, and the changes that need to be implemented throughout society to reach an inclusive environment. Empowering women to enter the world of STEM, Lisa Ventura is highly sought-after to attend speaking engagements internationally.

Official Testimonial:

“Lisa has contributed to many of our conferences and webinars and is always a hit with our audience. She has spoken about phishing, device security and management and managing stress and burnout in infosec and cybersecurity and brings each topic to life with real-life examples and her own experiences”Dan, Infosecurity Magazine

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