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Top Benefits of Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace (According to Statistics)

Diversity and inclusion are some of the most popular topics of the 21st century, as more companies than ever recognise the role they play in forging an equal society. With businesses becoming more diverse, the UK has witnessed a 58% increase in D&I-centred roles, reflecting the increased interest in hiring a specialist.

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Diversity and inclusion speakers are regularly booked to discuss the importance of cultivating an equal workplace culture, through their tried and tested methods. These powerful orators turn words into action, leading to the following results.

Source: Personnel Today

Attract Talented Millennial & Gen Z Employees

67% of millennials and gen z value diversity when considering employment opportunities!

“67% of millennial and generation z employees value diversity when considering employment opportunities.”

As each generation retires and the next takes their place in junior roles, the workplace continues to evolve. For millennial and generation z employees, who are reportedly the most diverse in history, 67% consider diversity and inclusion to be an important factor in their job search.

An inclusive workplace is more likely to attract the next generation of talented professionals, marking the need for businesses to “get with the times”. Diversity and inclusion speakers strengthen your brand’s image, setting your business up for success by supporting your pledge for improved equality.

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Increase Team Innovation

Cognitive diversity drives innovation by up to 20%

“Cognitive diversity drives innovation by up to 20%.”

When a team consists of employees from different races, genders, sexualities, abilities, identities and ages, they each supply their own perspective. Such a valuable range of backgrounds allows you to better understand your consumers, who mirror the same diverse mosaic of experiences.

Cognitive diversity leads to a 20% increase in innovation, as well as improved problem solving and decision making. Due to the valuable insight that a diverse workplace supplies, a business team’s strengths are often defined by its employees’ differences, particularly their various experiences, values and thought processes.

Source: Quantum Workplace

Outperform Competitors

“Racially diverse teams report a 35% increase in performance compared to their competitors.”

Racial and ethnic diversity is a key factor in any workplace. Aside from the moral responsibility each business leader has to equality, such companies also outperform their competitors by 35%. Inclusion speakers teach corporate audiences how to ensure all of their employees feel confident in their roles, to drive performance.

With increased performance comes higher revenue, leading to business expansion. When every member of your diverse team contributes equally, employees will benefit from one another’s insight and apply such knowledge to their own roles. This boosts performance, productivity and, ultimately, results.

Source: Sage

Meet Your Employees’ Expectations

In a survey, 57% of employees wished their company was more diverse.

“In a survey, 57% of employees wished their company was more diverse.”

When compared to the expense of training a new employee, investing in your existing staff is incredibly cost-effective, making it imperative for businesses to retain their team. As 57% of participants surveyed wanted their company to be more diverse, taking that step will reduce the likelihood of your team leaving for another more progressive company.

For both diverse professionals and their allies, a business’ public stance on equality indicates their commitment to corporate responsibility. Diversity and inclusion speakers, when booked for events, send a clear message of support to staff and prospective employees alike, leading to increased interest in your business.

Source: What to Become

Eradicate Workplace Discrimination

61% of employees have either witnessed or experienced workplace discrimination first-hand

“61% of employees have either witnessed or experienced workplace discrimination first-hand.”

A workplace should be an environment where all employees can develop and grow. Hiring a diverse team is not enough, inclusion must also be a priority to eradicate racist, sexist, ableist and homophobic discrimination, whether accidental or on purpose. Our powerful speakers on inclusion inspire unity within a team, to improve understanding and tackle microaggressions.

A business cannot grow if its employees, the pillars upon which it stands, experience judgment or harassment. To counter this issue, diversity and inclusion speakers educate audiences on the correct phrases to use and terms to avoid, while also teaching managers how to identify examples of discrimination.

Source: Sapling HR

How to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

One of the most powerful ways to promote diversity and inclusion is with a specialist speaker. At The Diversity & Inclusion Speakers Agency, we have booked leading orators on this topic for clients of all sizes and industries, to carve an equal environment for employees. Their techniques are transformative and inspired by their own experiences, to leave a resounding impact on attendees.

To hire a speaker on diversity and inclusion, contact The Diversity & Inclusion Speakers Agency either by phone, on 0203 9816 297, or via our online contact form.

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