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Top 13 Speakers on Inclusive Leadership to Hire for Your Corporate Event

Through a shared vision of future success, inclusive leaders communicate with authenticity to achieve excellence, trust and better well-being. An inclusive leader prioritises the leverage of difference by providing equal opportunities, positive feedback and investing in people’s talents and self-efficacy for higher performance.

With this insight gaining traction from both personal and business perspectives, it is important to clarify the benefits of inclusivity and the principles that build comprehensive leadership.

What Is Inclusive Leadership?

An inclusive leader is an authoritative figure who seeks and listens to the view of others, taking these views into account, without bias. With an appreciation for diversity, these leaders encourage more creative solutions to problems and motivate others to reach their full potential.

What are the Principles of Inclusive Leadership?

Inclusive leadership cannot work with diversity alone. There are attitudes and actions a leader should consider and value.

• Invite a variety of perspectives, ideas, approaches, styles, and knowledge from everyone.
• Welcome the differences between people – regardless of their age, race, sexuality, gender, ethnicity or whether they have a disability or not.
• Acknowledge other people’s limitations and maintain consideration of them.
• Act toward enhancing an individual’s creativity, and contribution, but first and foremost their voice is heard.

Our best speakers on inclusive leadership provide a clear picture of inclusivity in the workplace. For more insight and to understand inclusive leadership better, you can book one of our speakers below for your event.

The Top Inclusive Leadership Speakers:

Jean Tomlin

Applying the definition of inclusive leadership to businesses worldwide, Jean Tomlin OBE keeps inclusivity at the core of her work. As Founder and CEO of Chanzo, Jean is an attentive teacher who lives by a simple set of values; to deliver on commitments, show passion in the quality of work, have considerable latitude and speak with truth.

Jean organised the UK’s largest peacetime workforce of 250,000+ staff members, contractors and volunteers who carried a spectacular summer during the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games. Breaking new ground, Jean is a prime example of inclusive stewardship. She displays the benefit of successful teamwork and shows a commitment to leading by assisting others for the good of everyone, rather than singular gain.

“The audience were moved and inspired; Jean did a great job” – The Institute for Family Business (UK)

Jo Salter

Jo Salter paved the way as the first female fast jet pilot of the Panavia Tornado. Aged 18, Jo joined the Royal Air Force and excelled in her studies and training, subsequently becoming the first female fast jet pilot as Flight Lieutenant of the 617 Squadron. Building her expertise in leadership whilst in the RAF, Jo followed with a corporate career as a leader and is currently the Director of Global Transformative Leadership for PWC.

Jo is an influential woman inspiring future generations, having reached great heights in an environment where it often seems impossible. Boosting people’s self-efficacy like she did her own, Jo is an empowering speaker providing admirable anecdotes of her experiences as a woman working her way to the top.

“Wow- Jo was absolutely fantastic. An amazing guest speaker, totally engaging, hilariously funny and has an incredible story to share about facing adversity, diversity and performing at your very best! We loved having her, feedback was amazing, we just wish we had all day just to hear all her incredible stories. Totally loved it! Thank you, Jo” – Amy, Wells Fargo

Susie Wolff

Replacing the archaic notion of a man’s world, Susie Wolff made her mark as the first woman to drive an official F1 session for more than 20 years. After founding Dare to Be Different in 2016, Susie teamed up with the FIA to create an educational programme known as Girls on Track. Working toward increasing the number of women in motorsport, Susie has led a successful youth campaign which offers a positive experience of the sport.

Susie Wolff is a motivational figure in sport, who boasts an awareness of how preconceived notions can influence young girls’ behaviour. Awarded an MBE for her services and contribution to women in sport and named CEO of Venturi Formula E Team, she is surpassing expectations as a woman in a male-dominated industry. Susie has built a well-respected career and strong reputation as an enthusiastic and diligent mentor.

“She is very eloquent person, and her stories are exciting and captivating. Susie Wolff represents her views very committed and is a true professional.” – UBS

Michelle King

Founder and Director of Equality Forward, Michelle King is a top global expert in gender equality. Focusing her leadership style on equality, empathy and unqualified acceptance, Michelle is a classic exemplar of inclusivity. Recognised globally as a thought leader on culture and equality, Michelle shares a deeply relatable message with her audience.

Michelle’s expertise lies in applying intersectional thinking; an approach considering an individual’s unique experiences of oppression and discrimination. Encouraging people to understand and implement equality and inclusive culture, Michelle’s message and approach are practical and proven. Michelle is changing workplaces across the globe for women and men!

“Michelle is not only extremely knowledgeable with her background and research on gender inequality, but she applies those insights specifically to the workplace and brings it to life. Michelle has a truly unique way of connecting with her audience. She makes the research come to life and provides real “a-ha” moments and practical takeaways that can be applied in any organization.” – Claudia Chan, CEO SHE Globl

Bruce Daisley

Formerly running Twitter’s European, Middle Eastern and African developments, Bruce Daisley is committed to improving workplace culture for all members of a team. Bruce shares the belief that workplace culture must be nurtured to give employees the best atmosphere and benefits, resulting in improved productivity. With the responsibility of leading one of the biggest and fastest growing companies in the modern world, Bruce successfully managed the role of Director of YouTube and Display for Google.

Recognised as an outstanding inclusive leader, Bruce explores the winning traits of a productive workplace by increasing collusion between employees and the sharing of innovative ideas. His individualised consideration is key to inclusive leadership, showing an interest in everyone’s passions and offering close and personalised support for people. Reminding workforces about the joys and benefits of working inclusively, Bruce reveals a culture of comprehensive innovation.

“He was fantastic! He is a very compelling speaker, and the audience feedback was that they could take away some real action items. People really enjoyed the talk.” – Lovita, SSCinc

Asif Sadiq

With an enriched career specialising in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Asif Sadiq has an impactful approach to inclusive governance. A multi-award-winning authority, Asif currently stands as Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer at WarnerMedia, connecting consumers with culture in a meaningful way.

Asif implements diversity and inclusion programmes which improve growth, providing opportunities for all staff members to progress within the organisation. Credited for his contribution to many communities and businesses, Asif is a global leader ranking high in the industry. Asif has been named as one of the most influential Global D&I Leaders by Hive Learning and sits on the CIPD’s Top 20 Power List for his influential advisory.

“Asif is very knowledgeable around the EDI subject matters, leaving thoughts on how we can implement an open culture. Recognising that we make mistakes and how we learn from them? Asif also speaks openly about some of his personal experiences, which allows his audience to open up to him. I would have no hesitation in using Asif again around this subject matter and can see how he has an MBE. Thank you for giving me some insightful ideas, that got the cogs moving” – Charlotte, Open Uni

Pauline Miller

Pauline Miller is an inspiring and knowledgeable figure in the business industry. Pauline has previously held several senior titles where she was responsible for diversity, inclusion and organisational culture. Throughout her career, she has significantly impacted workplace cultures by helping minorities secure positions that were previously unattainable due to discrimination. With her own experiences as a Black woman in business, Pauline is taking a stand against gender and racial discrimination. Fighting for a more inclusive future in business, Pauline is empowering hundreds of minorities, and commissioning change.

As Chief Equity Officer at Dentsu International, Pauline continues to establish the best practices to ensure inclusivity in organisations. She exhibits compassion and empathy, combined with an appreciation for the perspective of others. Pauline strives to understand how others feel and confronts the realities of discrimination in the workplace, immersing herself in vital work.

“Thank you so much Pauline for an inspiring and honest conversation. As a POC, everything you’ve said resonates and the most of the people I would imagine are allies themselves” – Lisett, Helpline Manager, Versus Arthritis

Nina Goswami

Nina Goswami is clearing the way for better and more representation of women in the media. As the former Creative Lead at the BBC’s 50:50 Equality Project, Nina explored the issues women face with representation. Addressing the limited potential and visibility, Nina works to make a change in the media industry and help represent various groups including those from different ethnicities, with disabilities and more. Her idea to renovate the industry shows acceptance without bias.

Accelerating the rate of inclusion, Nina has contributed to the radical change in the structure of businesses. With organisations investing in inclusive leadership and diverse staff members, having 50% of women and 50% of men is proven to create other points of view and have a wider range of topics and stories heard. Serving as a primary model for inclusive leadership, Nina is embarking on a journey of revolutionary change.

“Nina is a talented, passionate and driven journalist and diversity & inclusion specialist. She has a fierce work ethic and is a brilliant strategic thinker. No challenge is too difficult for Nina, who always has creative ideas for making things happen and bringing everyone else along with her. Her desire to make positive change has encouraged so many around her to do the same, and she has had an undeniable impact on the importance of diverse and inclusive representation in the UK’s media landscape.” – Laura, BBC Creative Diversity Lead

Makaziwe Mandela

As the daughter of social rights activist, Nelson Mandela, Makaziwe Mandela has followed her father’s lead by educating audiences on social injustices. Makaziwe created her own platform as a female empowerment activist, where she supports women in their education, goals, and investments. Caring for the wellbeing of others, Makaziwe is an inclusive mentor at the forefront of comprehensive pursuits.

Dr. Makaziwe Mandela is frequently sparking thought-provoking discussions on inclusivity, the power of cultural diversity and the importance of equity. With a message that resonates worldwide, Makaziwe makes it known that there is every opportunity to better any institution economically, emotionally, and philosophically. Inclusive leadership is a primary objective for Makaziwe as she continues her father’s work of equality of inclusion.

Emphasising a resurgence of difference, Makaziwe believes that “We are different, but in our differences there is unity, there is camaraderie amongst all of us.”

June Sarepong

Narrowing in on the social, moral and economic benefits of diversity, June Sarpong delves into the attributes of inclusion that are breaking boundaries. As an inspirational figure who leads, creates and brings theory to practice, June is demonstrating the boundless capabilities of women. Standing as Director of the BBC’s Creative Diversity Commitment, June is showcasing Asian, Black and Minority Ethnic talent in the UK’s creative industry.

Also, as the co-founder of Women: Inspiration and Enterprise, June supports the rise of Black women in leadership. Having written books on integration, privilege, diversity and the power of women, June is striving to educate more people in the world. With the aim to unite women across a variety of industries and cultures, June is founding a new future in business for the coming generation of women.

“Please pass on our thanks to June – she was awesome as expected. Her messaging on diversity, equity and inclusion was on point, her storytelling was engaging and thought-provoking- what a great guest speaker and interviewee. We’re really pleased. Thanks to June, and also to you for your support” – Liz, Stephenson Harwood LLP

Thais Compoint

Thais Complaint is an inclusion and diversity expert and Founder of Déclic International. Her mission is to empower people with her passion, inclusion and diversity. Thais has a great influence on others’ results by simply engaging teams she has the skill to create more productive and innovative groups.

Following her career at Fortune 500 companies across 25 countries, Thais brings thought leadership, international insights and operational experience that encourages new ideas. Knowing the insides and outs of inclusive leadership, Thais is an inclusive leader who inspires inclusive leadership.

“Thais’s passion and mastery of the diversity & inclusion topic has not only provided me with the inspiration to commence my own journey of discovery but also equipped me with the tools to make this sustainable for my team”- Richard, Coca-Cola Enterprises

Catherine Garrod

On a mission to boost inclusion in workplaces, Catherine Garrod is the Founder of Compelling Culture. Fuelled with passion, Catherine is guiding organisations toward success with a culture of inclusion. Through reviewing and taking action on wellbeing and challenges in the workplace, Catherine implements both short and long-term plans for companies to identify and focus on inclusion.

By listening to the opinions of others, Catherine displays an environment of inclusive leadership. Using Compelling Culture’s Inclusion Diagnostic, Catherine has guided many governance groups with foresight and consideration of the views of others.

“Catherine is an outstanding speaker. I still feel inspired when I recall her talk to the whole of Sky Sports. She knew her subject inside out, made it extremely relevant and left us feeling empowered. She has unique qualities which have an immediate and lasting impact on her audience.” – Georgina, VP Head of Tennis, IMG Media

Stephen Frost

Stephen Frost is disrupting the boardroom to make organisations more inclusive. As the founder of Included, Stephen is an inclusive leader contributing to a better world. Starting in the workplace, Stephen disrupts work groups by implementing inclusive practices.

Committed to adding value to businesses, Stephen has built up many organisations with great impact. With motivational speeches and programmes, Stephen is consistently encouraging others to challenge and develop ideas.

“Stephen is an incredibly inspiring speaker and strategic partner. I was honoured and over the moon when he agreed to speak at our sold-out event on building more innovative and inclusive workplaces in tech. Stephen walks the talk, he knows how to deeply engage everyone in the room — from reception to the c-suite, bringing together a unique combination of emotion, storytelling and commercial rigour. Stephen asks deep and thoughtful questions, ensuring you get to an outcome everyone can buy into. I loved our collaboration and look forward to more in the future!” – Melissa, Creative DEI Strategic Advisor

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