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10 Popular Social Mobility Speakers For Your Corporate Event in 2024

Historically, it is less about what you know and more about who you know. This paradigm is known as social mobility, and actively limits opportunities in the United Kingdom. The speakers featured in this blog post are pioneers of social mobility. In their respective industries, our speakers have each created inclusive environments for disadvantaged people to thrive, improving upward mobility.

Discover the most popular speakers on social mobility , who are each equipped to transform opportunities in your workplace.

What is social mobility?

Social mobility is defined by the “movement of individuals, families, or groups through a system of social hierarchy or stratification”. It is desirable for children to outperform their parents, whether via income or seniority in the workplace, but the class system in the UK prevents many people from advancing.

Many political leaders and governing bodies in the UK have pledged to improve social mobility with little success. Instead, social mobility speakers are booked by businesses and organisations to increase professional opportunities, starting from the ground-up.

Tim Campbell MBE

Winner of The Apprentice in 2005, Tim Campbell is a powerhouse of British business. He is a Strategic Diversity and Inclusion Advisor for AMS, a role in which Tim ensures inclusive workplace practices. As a social mobility speaker, Tim teaches audiences the importance of equal opportunities for employees of all races.

Toni Kent

Toni Kent’s speaking topic titled ‘From Council House Via Corporate to Comic’ says it all. Born into a working-class family, she fought to break into the “middle-class bubble”, and today is a world-renowned technology expert. Toni’s speeches take audiences on a journey through her life, from poverty to professional success.

Claudia-Liza Armah

Journalist and newsreader, Claudia-Liza Armah , is an inspirational social mobility speaker. Her roles in British television transformed representation for Black broadcasters, and Claudia-Liza was even the first Black lead anchor for 5 News Tonight. Bringing celebrity appeal to every event she attends, Claudia-Liza will motivate audiences to shatter glass ceilings.

Dr Mark Prince OBE

Mark Prince is a former boxer on a mission – to get knives and guns off the streets of London. He experienced first-hand the challenges of upward mobility, particularly as a former drug-abuser who went on to become the best light-heavyweight boxer in the UK. Mark’s story resonates with audiences of all classes, resulting in an unforgettable corporate event.

Uju Asika

Author of ‘Bringing Up Race: How to Raise a Kind Child’, Uju Asika is targeting social mobility in younger demographics. She specialises in intersectionality and anti-racist parenting, to create a generation that prioritises social mobility and inclusivity. The perfect speaker for school events, Uju’s powerful talks educate audiences of all ages.

Stephen Frost

As the former Director of Workplace Programmes for Stonewall and Gold Standard Diversity Works Award-winner, Stephen Frost is an authority on social mobility. He regularly works with businesses to improve professional opportunities, particularly for minority employees like the LGBTQ+ community. Hire this award-winning speaker to ignite meaningful change in your workplace.

Andreena Leeanne

Andreena Leeanne was awarded the Black History Month Role Model Award in 2018 in recognition of her transformative work on equality and inclusion. As a Black, female LGBTQ+ speaker who survived poverty, Andreena’s intersectional approach to social mobility resonates with audiences from all communities and backgrounds.

Haddy Ndure

The second Black female journalist on our list, Haddy Ndure is the host of Stories from the Continent and a former ITV News journalist. As a social mobility speaker, Haddy inspires audiences to set and achieve their goals, and supplies actionable strategies for developing as a professional. Haddy is a speaker not to be missed.

Pauline Miller

Pauline Miller is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. She believes that inclusive environments facilitate upward mobility, as individuals who feel accepted and supported are more likely to thrive. As the former Head of Culture for Lloyd’s of London, Pauline has extensive experience in workplace social mobility.

Asif Sadiq MBE

Multi-award winning diversity and inclusion leader, Asif Sadiq champions equality for the British/Asian community. He is an exciting addition to corporate events, particularly conferences on social mobility; Asif is an influential figure in the field of inclusion. Hire the Head of Diversity Award-winner and educate your audience.

Lord Chris Holmes MBE

Chris Holmes is the only British Paralympic swimmer to win six Gold medals at a single Game, an achievement that reflects his exceptional determination. After going blind as a teenager, Chris relearned many of the skills we take for granted, to go on to thrive as an athlete. As a social mobility speaker, he discusses the struggles of the disabled community and reveals how we can all be more inclusive.

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